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[Review] Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses From Mr.Lens



*jumping out from the hiding*


I'm always a contacts girl. I love wearing contact lenses to no matter where I go. If I have to list down a brands that I really feel comfortable wearing is Geo, Freshlook, Blinkon & etc. I mostly wear the one from Geo & Freshlook all the time because they're very soft and did not irritting and hurt my eyeballs *excuse my hyperbola* LOL

Truth be told, I never really wear any one-day contacts so far because normally I love to buy the monthly or the 3 months contacts. But after trying the one-day contacts..wooo who knows I love it! Like this is a real deal for those lazy kids who love to wear contact lenses but damn lazy at cleaning them. Cleaning them will most likely takes 5 minutes every time after you wear it and if you are not wearing them everyday you need to regularly change the solution to keep them hygiene. But with this one-day one you don't need to do so because it will only last for a day. It's a sin if you wear it more than one day, you might get an eye infection.

What do you need to do is take the seal off, take the contacts and wear them on (Caution: make sure your hands are 100% clean, wash your hands properly and dry them well) After you return from the occasion or work just take them off (again, make sure your hands is clean) and throw them away. This is so convenient, not only to the person who hate to clean the contacts after wearing them but this is also very helpful to those who only want to wear the contacts on a certain occasion which do not really wish to keep it for a month of more. I got this from Mr.Lens, the website to buy authentic contacts at unbeatable prices with many brands choice...thank you to Mr.Lens for always being there whenever I need a contacts..*sobs happily*

You can choose a color that you want when you buy on Mr.Lens. I have mine in Green color from the Freshlook brand..there are more brands but if you would like to find a one-day color contacts I suggest you to try the one from Freshlook. Their colors naturally blends well with anyone's eye color. This green color doesn't look very greeny like a bakemono (monster) on me...instead, it looks like a natural brown in center with a hint green ring around, fading inwards. That is pretty!

See how natural the green color looks like on me! Loove it!

I hate the contacts that have a toooo large diameter, it makes one looks like an alien to me, scary~ (unless you gonna wear a pretty thick eye makeup for an event, cosplay or such) Freshlook normally have around 14.5 to 15 diameter only, that is almost the same with our eyes so it looks natural and fits very well, this is the reason I've been a loyal customer of Freshlook for so long! (been wearing a Freshlook contacts since I was at 13)

Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses comes with 5 pairs in every box. Mine is -3.25 power because I'm short-sighted (my real power is higher than -4.00 to be frank), there are many powers to choose from, from -0.00 to -4.00. If you are wearing a contacts to replace glasses I don't think it is a good idea because contacts does not act like a glasses and it doesn't really help people with a high power (severe sight problem) like how glasses do. It only will enhance a little bit of the sight while giving you a new look (I mean the-not-nerdy look without glasses). In short, contact lenses only exist mostly for a cosmetical (untuk cantik cantik je) purpose while giving a slight enhancement of the sight for the rabun people, not to completely replace the glasses. For me, I only will wear a contacts during the day because I wear makeup every time I go out and a makeup with a glasses on me looks so funny together like it does not click at all haha. After I got home I will take them off and wear my glasses again to read & etc. So contacts is only for occasion during the day for me.

Btw, thanks to Mr.lens for the lollipop gift too...and it's an ichigo (strawberry) flavor!..lollipop ga daaaaisuki desu!

Ahh before I forget about this, make sure to use my special code for RM100 purchase and above on Mr.Lens to get a RM20 off before 31st August 2015! Maybe you can buy yourself a Freshlook contacts too hehe!
Jaa matta ne!

Name: Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses (Green)
Made in: Germany
Price: RM58
Availability: Optical Shop | Mr.lens
Net weight: -
*Product is given for a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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