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[Review] Kracie Kanebo Fuwarinka Rose Fragranced Candy ふわりんかソフトキャンディ(ビューティーローズ)


Konnichiwa  cookies & cream gelato!

I've once got an unknown people said this to me "be active and smell nice!"...
etto..I wonder what is that could mean by that...does someone who sweat a lot but smell nice really exist anyway?? saa ne...tehepero! (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

I've noticed the existence of this product since the early of 2013 but I haven't really got a chance to try it out, plus it was quite hard to get a Japanese products in Malaysia back then thus as day by day gone without realizing it I have naturally forgotten about it. It was a week ago when the fate decided to make me stumble upon it again on this online shop called I heard that this fragrance candy have a new packaging now and this the last 2 packs of the old version that only left, I bought them anyway though it's going to expire on the end of this August coz I'm sure I can finish them quickly, plus it was the last 2 packs and I haven't even have tried it out was such a "golden" packs now haha. Say candy and just give me no matter how many of them I'll surely nibble them off in a sight!...looking forward to buy that new version one and I'll make a review of them later, for sure!

*UPDATE: You can still buy this old version from, Just go and ask them and they'll find and bring them in for you! And [HERE] is the review of the new version (☆^ー^☆)   

Gosh, I can't stop admiring the packaging it is tooooooo kawaii deshou!
The size of the packet is quite small and can fit into any girl's handbag nicely too!

Fuwarinka lierally means "Fluffy (fuwa) Flower (rinka)", probably it was named like so because the candies is soft and it have a rosy scent. This soft rose fragranced candy use real rose extracts to deliver an accurate flavor and specially made for women to eliminate the body odor, letting you smell like a walking rose. It's enriched with damask rose oil, collagen hyaluronic acid (HA) and vitamin C to aid in better collagen absorption. All of these ingredients that have been found beneficial for our skin. Each foil re-sealable pack contains 12pcs.

The moment I opened the packet, I was greeted by that lovely rosy scent...gosh nante ii nioi da ne!
I'm not so sure whether it can really emits a rose scented body odor since this is just my first time trying out this fragranced candy but if you are a science believer, it has been scientifically proven that our body odor will be produced according to whatever we eat daily. In that case I do believe that this candy might work the trick out if you consume it regularly in a long term. And as a girl nothing can be more pleasing than having a pleasantful body odor!

The taste have a hint of citrusy fruit paired with a lovely rose scent.

I bought the last 2 packs from so there's no more of them you can find on their website, plus this is the one with the old packaging so it's rarely can be found now...even if there is but the stocks is probably on the verge of expiring. However they will happily bring in the new version from Japan if you ask them nicely! I'm excitedly looking forward to buy that new version too! *starry eyes* I honestly love the packaging of this old version compared to the new one. The new one would look something like this...

*UPDATE: You can still buy this old version from, Just go and ask them and they'll find and bring them in for you! (☆^ー^☆)

But I still do love the packaging of this new version one too, still totemo kawaii!!

I asked them and they said that each pack will cost you around RM15 and there's no minimum order!
Go ask them too if you're interested! More interesting, many Japanese novelty stuff can be found on their website too and not to mention that the price is also cheap! Take a look at their website and excite yourself especially if you're really into Japanese stuff! now how about we start consuming something "fragrancy" & start smelling like a walking rose?
Jaa matta ne!

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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