Tuesday, 15 September 2015

KATE Powderless Liquid For Cover Foundation [メイクアップレビュー]


Nyaahaiyo! ("Meow-ning"!)

Since the day I tried the sample, Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation has been one of my "crush"! What I really love about it is the technology and its formula, this is seriously like a magic...the foundation turns powdery within 15-20 seconds! Well it doesn't really turns into like 100% powder like how you imagine the loose powder is, but think of the result of your face after you set them on with a powder. yeah...that perfect MATTE look is yours!

The trick is, dot the foundation on cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and quickly dab it on (if you don't be quick it will looks slapped on later)...afterwards even it out with a face brush. After 15-20 seconds of applying you will notice that your face will look as if you already set them on with a powder, do swipe your face once more to remove any excess. And that's it for a quick makeup application. By using this foundation I get to skip the powder part and it's so much convenient like hitting two birds with one stone, especially if I am running late. Normally after using the foundation I will spray some face mist to set the makeup on...you can do that too and the makeup will look just perfect and flawless.

The foundation looks natural on skin too...I have mine in shade OC-C which suits my warm yellowish skin tone. There are 5 shades in total, OC-B, OC-C, OC-D, BE-C, and BR-C. You can refer the shades [HERE]

Natural light

With flash

The packaging is made from a plastic and it comes with a pump presser too. Hygiene checked!I like its round bottom too! This might be travel friendly as well since the size is cute, light and it won't break if it fall. It is quick to be applied and needs no powder. Too much to love for a bottle of foundation. This is why IJapanese makeup more! Now this foundation is one of my HG!

The staying power is up to 8 hours long or more depending on your activities of the day. I'm not the person who does a lot of sweaty activities when I know I have a makeup on so it stayed more than 8 hours long on my face. Of course it did wears off a little after 8 hours but not completely and it's still looks just fine on me. Just a little touch up is enough if you're a neat freak like me anyway

I bought this like 7 months back from Watson Malaysia and the price was RM78.90 (if I remember correctly). Check them out at Watson store and you'll find them.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. bestnya!!! mesti lagi kejap masa untuk mekap kalau guna yang ni.. haisyyy.. macam kena ada satu je.. hehehe

    1. Haah kak Muja, selalu kita pakai yang ni save gile masa utk tepek bedak, x payah nak bedak2 dah 2 dalam satu terus...lepas je foundation tu kering dia terus jadi bedak sendiri ^_^

  2. always wanted to try this but feel the bottle is too small for RM78 :p

    1. Indeed actually haha
      however because I've tried the sample beforehand so I thought the product was really awesome and I felt like...where else you gonna find such foundation tat turns into a powder? this product makes magic!! so I did went for it although it is kinda pricey for a small bottle >.<


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