Sunday, 13 September 2015

[Review] Kracie Kanebo Fuwarinka Fragranced Candy Rose Pink & Berry Rose Flavor ふわりんかソフトキャンディ

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Yah guys!

There was a post I wrote regarding this candies before, but that was for the Rose Pink flavor. This time I tried the Berry Rose flavor which is in the red roses packaging (new version). The Rose Pink one only consists of pure Rose flavor while the Berry Rose consists of Red Rose + Berries flavor.

From Left: Berry Rose, Rose Pink

I don't think I'm gonna write about the ingredients of them again here because I believe I've pinned that info down on the first post about this candies. Check the post out [HERE] if you like.

I know I've said this like more than a billions of times but I really really admired the packaging of the Rose Pink one because the color is in soft pink and it is soooo cute to me!! I even kept the empty pack in my memo book LOL (I'm weird I know) Nevertheless if you talk about the flavor, frankly speaking the Berry Rose one tastes even better & nicer!! Both the scent & taste of the Berry Rose flavor win over the Pink Rose one.

Last time I bought 2 packs of Rose Pink flavour from but this time I bought them from Blossakura 小樱店铺. I think Blossakura offers a reasonable price than zenzendream. Zenzendream sell them around RM15/packs while Blossakura only sell them at RM8/packs for the Rose Pink and RM9/packs for the Berry Rose. That's a huge difference especially if you gonna purchase for many packs. I think zenzendream's price for this candies is a little bit expensive. It's just a candies and each pack only contains about 12pcs. Thus, buying from Blossakura can save your penny. But the downside is...Blossakura mostly sell the pre-order items. This is also the last 2 packs that I got from them, I wanted to buy many more but they said if I'm about to order more than 2 packs on that time I'll need to wait till December because they will only go to Japan again around the time to restock their items. That is wayyy too long to wait...just for a candies

The candies' consistency is not soft like how it is called fact it is chewable.

Sore jaa, I think that's it for the fave Japanese beauty kyandi post of mine! If you want to read the more detailed review you better check out my previous post about this candies [HERE].

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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