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[Review] Tony Moly Bio EX Daily Multi-Kit

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久しぶり, みんな! (Hisashiburi minna!)

I rarely change or try a new facial cleanser because of my hyper sensitive skin...I do not really wish to take any risk anyway LOL. I stick to Hado Labo Super HA Facial Cleanser since like 2 years and half ago and it's still doing great on this "fragile" skin of mine. Even if I cleanse my skin for about 10 minutes long it doesn't sting, unlike those other cleansers I've tried.

Talking about this Tony Moly Bio EX Multi-Cell Foam Cleanser, of course it can't easily beat the experience I have with the Hada Labo so far but I think I've been quite liking it. It's really good in cleansing. One thing that I honestly can compliment is the impressive thick bubbles foam it can make. This ensure the thorough cleansing coz the tiny bubbles particle is capable in reaching even inside the pores to loose the dirt, along with that the citrusy scent it have is really relaxing. This foam cleanser is gentle on any skin type too...BTW regarding to why I said it still can't beat the Hada Labo is just because I've used Hada Labo for many years longer. Different person different perspective and view. It's really depends on one's thought so you have to try first before deciding what is good and not to your skin.

But if you ask me, honestly the foam cleanser is just is gentle and keeps your face smooth and clean. It makes the thick bubbles and I really suggest it to you girls if you're finding one of the good cleanser around. After cleansing my face with it my skin became matte (This is good for people with an oily skin, somehow for me I don't think I like it because I already have a super dry skin) But yeah it cleanses really good with its big thick foam.

As you can clearly see, this is the "Not For Sale" pack that I received back then. It came together with the Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essense. The Essence sting a lot if it gets into your eyes, it has a vague fermented scent. Really reminds me of SK-II FTE, but not as strong as the SK-II FTE. After all it is made from 96.5% of "Galactomyces", a class of yeast which is used mostly in skin care. SK-II have using this ingredient for over 30 years in their products...and the word "Pitera" from SK-II is actually stand for this ingredient (Pitera is just a marketed name). This one is good to be used before & after makeup, after cleansing your face, and whenever your skin feels dry. You can spray it on the cotton ball and apply all over your face or just spray it straight to your face with the eyes closed. This mist essence really makes my skin looks dewy weh, especially if I use it in the morning!

That was why this Essence is kinda pricey (Not so sure but someone told me it is retailed at around RM131.90, well do check the exact price again with the nearest Tony Moly outlets if you are interested). These both worth a try and I do suggest the Tony Moly Bio EX Multi-Cell Foam Cleanser especially to those who have an oily or oily combination skin. I'm sure it's gonna do just good! I'm not sure about the price of the cleanser too...since I did't found it anywhere online...well maybe you can check that out with their nearest stores if you're interested.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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