Sunday, 13 September 2015

[Review] Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Mask Sheet

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Oh hi my kawaii peepers!

Think it's been long I did't try any new sheet mask. Idk why but probably it was because I'm now rarely go outside even for some shopping. Online shopping sure has grew me into a total online shopaholic LOL. Oh shoot...why does it sounds like I've turned into a NEET?? haha jk

I've never tried any mask sheet from Tony Moly because I've got my fave one and I'm a kind of person which once I have discovered what's good and suit my skin I rarely go and try out a new one and instead of thinking to try another new masks I've been using just the one I normally use. For now I'm always using the gel mask from Annie's way (and they're always the best!) and the Kracie Kanebo one. So far I've tried the one from Neutrogena, Nature Republic, The Face Shop and Etude House (Oh I love etude house yogurt/honey pack so much!) and etc.

Let's see what I might say about this one. Alright it has a milky scent (not in the food-way kind of smell anyway)...well of course it does because it made from the goat milk...Simply put, it has just a very nice light milky scent. From my experience and observation, yogurt and goat's milk is very gentle ingredients for any type of skin. It tends to give a smooth, supple and hydrated finish too after you used them. Of course this one is no exception.

Mask on..LOL

This is how my skin looks like after the mask session (excuse me for the horrible dark circle around my eyes..I don't sleep much LOL). I like the mask because of its scent. I felt really good after using the mask, I have a dry skin and it did boosted up the moisture within 15-20mins...well I can't really tell how it can improve your skin if you use it regularly in the long term because I just used it for the first time (but no one will use it regularly because who want to spend like RM15 per sheet constantly?) Most of the Korean skin care products is really gentle because it was formulated for the Asian skin. I tried most of the Korean skin care products and so far it works just fine on me. So yeah...I like the mask and I think if you have an important occasion which you do not have much time to pamper your skin at spa or somewhere...mask sheet is a quicker alternative to boost up the skin.

The only cons I found is the sheet is wayy to large for my face. I have to fold the area which exceed my face. I have a small face features and the sad truth is I never found a mask sheet that can perfectly fit my face so far. Well it is not really a big deal for me tho but it can be good if I found the one that can fit my face. The mask sheet is around RM15/pcs.

See you guys on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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