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SILKYGIRL Limited Edition Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner & Moisture Rich Lipcolor


Hello minna-san!

It has been 10 years SILKYGIRL have stayed together with us in the cosmetic industry since it was first launched on 2005 by the Alliance Cosmetic Group. The brand's personality is fun, young, colorful and exudes confidence. Since the day of this brand was established, they aimed to deliver the latest color trend and high quality specifications of the products which cater the girls' stylish impulses and needs. Spite of the brand is colorful, fun, trendy and high in quality, the prices of their products is still affordable which makes every girls more than happy to own them!

The brand now is marketed at over 5,000 cosmetics counters in Malaysia including abroad in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Jakarta. SILKYGIRL products can easily be found in all major pharmacies, personal care stores, departmental stores and hypermarkets. Their products consist of makeup, fragrance, hair color and nail care.

I was extremely excited when these babes came in the mail, thank youuuuuu SILKYGIRLand happy 10th Anniversary, now keep on growing!

In conjunction of their 10th anniversary, they've released a special limited edition of their best-seller products, both the Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner and Moisture Rich Lipcolor presented in chick chrome casings to match the professional identity of being the top-selling products and to commemorate their 10th anniversary. The best-selling Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner was actually comes in 2 shades, blackest black and dark brown. However the Limited Edition version of this eyeliner only comes in blackest black shade alone. The same goes to the Moisture Rich Lipcolor which actually comes in 18 shades in total (check [HERE] for the shades) but for the Limited Edition one they specially have launched a new 5 shades of 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05.

 From left: 01, 02, 04

Let's start with the lipcolor first. Here I have the shade of 01, 02 & 04 with me. I really love the lightweight and creamy texture of this lipstick, it glides smoothly on application while providing a full coverage and gives a lustrous finish. I think it can be more exciting if it was formulated with a nice scent. Well it is not that I'm saying they have an unpleasant scent or what, they just smells perfectly normal just like a lipstick to me. Just that it could be nicer if they are a little bit scented because I just simply enjoy it when the makeups and products that I'm using to have some pleasant and fascinating scents heheanyway I do really love these babes especially the 01 shade! The red berries-like shade is just soooo gorgeous!

I have a lot of lipsticks with the quite similar shade to 02 & 04, so I don't think I'm curious and excited that much for the shades anymore. Nonetheless they're still sweet! My friends told me they love the shade 02 & 04 on me so much because the colors are soft and vivid, though I'm like more attached to the 01 bold shade hehe. SILKYGIRL was the first makeup brand I've ever owned at my 13 age, I bought their lipstick back then as my first ever makeup and since then...I started to collect more makeups from them and from the other brands too! This LE Moisture Rich Lipcolor is priced at RM22.90.

01 : Red berries shade
02 : Pink peach shade
04 : Salmon pink shade

 The packaging for this LE eyeliner is indeed different than the usual one, this one is more chic, edgy and urban-like.

 This is an automatic eyeliner so it can be twisted upward.

I like the creamy formula of this eyeliner, it glides smoothly and gives an intense black color.

I'm actually an avid user of liquid liner lol. I don't collect many gel and automatic pencil liner since I'm a little bit awkward in using them, they always get smudged easily and it's gonna be a bit messy if you can't wear them properly. I tested this eyeliner out by wearing them in the morning on a busy day, and go out with a heavy activities on to see how much will it get smudged if we're sweating. Surprisingly it lasted all day long with only 5% of budging and transfer. Thanks to its unique technology, the combination of volatile silicones and siliconic resin made this eyeliner to have a long-lasting properties as it adheres to the eyelid up to 20 hours and it is transfer resistant.

That's pretty good me as long as it stays just fine on me, a minimal budging is still considered as ok because we do sweating everyday, and it is perfectly normal for a makeup wearers to have their makeup wears off a little bit by the end of the day. Along with that I really love the new casing this eyeliner have. As always, SILKYGIRL is exciting! The price of this LE Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner is RM15.90.

Mind not my sleepy eyes on left hahaTrust me, most of the pencil eyeliners I've tried did't really delivered the intense jet black color that we girls always dreamed of but this one did!

How do you like my natural Japanese eye makeup by using this eyeliner? hehe

P/S- I always used the double eyelid tape before so my eyes got bigger even when I'm not using them on lol.  

Alongside with the lipcolors and eyeliner, I also received their hot Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara and the fruity scented Pure Fresh All-In-One Gel Makeup Remover! So here's the review about them as well since I've never tried them before.

I looove the Big Eye Collagen Mascara! not only that it was designed with a short silicone bristles which is efficient is reaching each lashes comfortably, but it's also heavy duty and super waterproof!! I tested it out by putting the mascara on and soaked my face into a bowl of water and I noticed none of the fall out were coming off! (now I can wear this to the swimming pool I guess? hehe)

My ugly straight lashes was curled a little bit after using the mascara. I only used the mascara alone without the assistance of my Panasonic heated eyelash curler and my lashes still looks naturally curled.

Based on lab test data after multiple applications, this smudge-proof mascara lengthen lashes up to 80% longer with an added 20% curl. It is enriched with key ingredients to ensure that each individual lash is coated to plump up lashes too. The price is RM22.90.

And for the makeup remover, goshh I can't stop from keep sniffing this gel makeup remover! *hamster nose* It smells so fruity and fresh! It's oil-free and 100% soap-free and it works very gentle on any skin type. Anyhow I think the formula is too sleek that it doesn't really break down the stubborn makeup like how it says?Or probably because it is oil-free (oil do helps a lot in makeup removing just so you know). It is formulated with aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein to treat and softens the skin. Besides, PH 5.5 level restores the skin balance as well. This is not my first time trying out a gel makeup remover. I've tried Bifesta before and I think Bifesta is wayy more better in removing the makeup off.

I moistened the facial cotton pad with the gel and rubbed back and forth to remove the makeup. You can do this for the light eye & lip makeup.

Thing I like about it is the sweet scent and I do think it works just fine to remove the light eye & lip makeup but it's still far from being effective enough to remove the full face heavy makeup. You can use it on the face if you want but seriously you will need to clean the makeup again using the other makeup remover before you can double cleanse your face with foam cleanser. Regarding this reason I won't suggest it to anyone because there are still a lot of good gel makeup remover from the other brands out there that can do better than this. The price is around RM15.90.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


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