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20 Effective Tips To Always Stay Slim, Fit And Healthy

Hey sugar & spices!
I never really talked about diet or healthy lifestyle on my blog before. I actually don't mind it if I gain weight because I was 39kg at 17-19 and I only started to get into the 40kg> group when I reached 20, but not 3kg within a month like the last time please. I was happy to be 40kg, because I'm not too tall so the weight is just my ideal one. I was 43kg last month and I decided to lose that 3kg to be 40kg again...and I did it, plus I accidentally have lost another 1kg (oopss) and now I'm about 39kg haha! Nevermind, I'll get back my 1kg in no time!

My current weight after practicing my healthy diet plan.

This is my personal opinion, but I don't trust BMI because I always think that it always tell you to gain so many weight just to be ideal with your height. In Japan, most girls never really follow BMI standard either and they can even be 160cm> with under 50kg and I know a Japanese girl which is 155cm in height and only 39kg in weight. I think that is perfectly fine as long as you know you're healthy and neither too skinny or chubby. Plus I do some modelling so it can affect me if I keep on gaining.

Here is the tips that always helps me maintaining my body weight all this time. This is a tips that I swear by which helps a lot in maintaining my body weight so far, if you did't find it to be very helpful I can't help any further because I'm not a trainer, I'm just sharing the tips. Plus different person, different body type and genetics so the result can be different too.

1. Create a monthly diet goal

How much do you want to lose in a month? then plan what you should take less and more within the month. Don't be obsessed by the numbers for your body weight, it can be slightly different everyday but just around the same numbers, the factors can be the bowel movement, either you have eaten or not & etc. I would suggest you to check your body weight once a month or per week. Don't do it everyday tho.

2. Start a good day with breakfast

My kind of breakfast, they're so good!

This is for real, if you don't take a breakfast then you might starve yourself to wait for the lunch and worse, it will make you overeat during lunch and dinner. I love to take a bowl of Kellogg's Special K or Nestle Fitness with Dutch Lady fresh milk. Any cereal with milk is good enough for breakfast, sometimes I love to have a whole-wheat french toast with eggs and chicken ham. They're more than good enough to kick start the day!

3. Don't go TOTALLY diet, use portion control.

I don't understand why people must go against foods just to stay slim, I'll never do that! You just need to control what you take everyday. It doesn't matter what you eat TODAY, but this MONTH does. You can eat just anything you can imagine but in a small portion because your body needs all nutrients to stay healthy, just don't eat like there's no tomorrow. Let's say you've consumed a lot of sugar today, that's alright just make it less the next day and onwards. Makes everything balanced and don't punish yourself by restraining!

4. More protein, less carbs diet

I only will eat white rice once a week or maybe not at all and I'm ok with that because I don't really like nasi after all. If taking rice once a week is too cruel for yourself (I'm talking about typical Malaysian since I'm Malaysian and I know most Malaysian can't survive without rice) then you can take it everyday, but only ONCE a day and not more than 1/2-1 cup to 1-2 cups of water (senang cakap x lebih sesenduk sekali sehari je) I always prefer high-protein and low carbs diet. I love to cook a simple meal like lean mince with some veggies and broccoli, boiled chicken breast, chicken salad, sandwich or grilled fish with healthy sauces, they're so good! Both carbs and protein contain 4 calories per gram but protein is more healthier since it will not make you gain weight like carbs (unless you take it tooooo excessively) and it is just as great as carbs to fill the hunger and gives you energy. More protein intake will build muscles while more carbs can be fats if it's not being used. This is also the tips that most supermodels swear by and it did works!

5. Wholefood diet

Wholefood diet means a loads of clean eating diet, this include eating a lot whole meal and whole grain foods like oats, quinoa or anything healthy with less carbs and fats. I eat oats everyday now and it helps a lot in my bowel movement (maksudnya "yak yak" lol) and it flush away all the excess fats. Honestly I don't like oaties but they're good that I know I should take them. If I don't have much time in the morning and thinking to pass on the breakfast, a cup of Nestum cereal drink is my quickest breakfast for my wholefood diet plan!

6. Start eating veggies even if you hate it

I love veggies. I have no problem munching veggies everyday, every time. Now the secret is, always eat veggies first before the main course. Even if you decided to take nasi everyday, it is perfectly fine if you add veggies in your everyday meal, especially before you eat helps a lot believe me. Veggies can gives you vitamins your body needs. Take veggies every day and you will stay healthy, fit and have a beautiful skin.

7. Take a lot of fruits

Veggies and fruits are always the healthier choice. They offer you sugar for energy source while giving a lot of vitamins too. For me baked sweet potato is satiating and can replace rice for healthier choice. Bananas are relatively low in calories but rich in antioxidants and healthy carbs too. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, kiwi, strawberries and bell peppers are rich in Vit C, major signs of Vit C deficiency is fatigue (plus Vit C can gives women a nice skin). Papayas are good for digestive system because they're high in fiber, it can keep your colon clean, prevent bloating, colon cancer and heart disease. I always have a problem with my bowel movement so papayas did helps a lot and keeps my tummy slim!

8. Drink a lot of water

Water keeps you away from dehydration and gives oxygen to allow your body functioning well. My good trick with water is, stay well hydrated by drinking a lot of water frequently so I won't feel hungry and eat all the time. Most people confuse the thirst for hunger. Water doesn't have a magic to burn calories but it does helps a lot in reducing hunger so you won't overeat. How much water you should at least drink for a day? It's based on your body weight. 35-44kg is 2 liter, 45kg> is 3 liter & so on.

9. You don't workout to lose weight, but to stay healthy

My treadmill that I always use to help me doing my running workout at home.

This is the part that most people don't get, most people tend to workout once they feel they have gained, but this is wrong. It won't even works if let's say you have gained 10kg today and that's the first time ever you decided to workout just to lose the extra weight, it won't works trust me. DO IT REGULARLY like once a week at least 30 mins, when you are healthy you will stay fit. I will run on my treadmill like once a week for at least 20-30 mins. You can also hit the gym or just jogging around your house, anything is fine as long as it means you're working out your body for a little bit sweat.

10. "Forbidden 8"

I started to stick to this rule after I gained 3kg within month, no late dinner above 8.00pm. As our body is moving less and we're not gonna do a lot of activities at night, the calories you have consumed can lead to body weight because they're not being used. During the day we eat to get the energy for work & etc. If you're a heavy eater at night, try to switch the bad habit with fruit snacking. It does not make you gain weight, more healthier and can be satiating too.

11. Indulgence is good but not for your body

No ice cream, chocolate, cakes, donuts & rich in sugar foods everyday! I admit that this is the most cruelest part if you have a sweet tooth like me but taking it everyday is not healthy because you have no idea how much sugar you might have consumed. I always love chocolate, and smashing the whole block would't be a problem to me but that's a lot of sugar and I don't do it so often. But if you gonna eat it, then just love it! This is also depends on your current body weight...if you have an underweight BMI like me consuming a little bit more sugar won't really make you gain any weight (but you also need not to take it too much because it still can lead to high blood sugar level) But for the overweight BMI people don't do it so often. They may taste like a heaven but they're very sinful.

12. Drink detox tea and green tea

I really love how it taste, basically it taste just like a Chinese green tea with a pleasant flower-herbs scent to me.

This HELPS A LOT! listen to me! I had no idea detox tea can be so helpful, not after I consumed them even for just a month! I drinks Natural Cleanx Tea and it helps a lot!! This need to be taken after your meal to break down fats and clean your colon, it helps processing the food healthily to help your bowel movement so no leftover in your colon which can makes your tummy seems bloated. Cleanx Tea is made from green tea with some added herbs. Don't think green tea is only rich in antioxidants, they also can lose some weight (especially around your belly) if you drink at least 5 cups a day. I drink 2 cups of green tea, and 2 cups of Cleanx Tea after meal everyday. I'm not gonna lie, drinking green tea and detox tea regularly is a highlight to lose some weight, stick this into your mind! There are lots of Detox Teas you can try out there, Skinny Mint is one of the famous brand around that I know besides Cleanx Tea.

13. No soft drinks and too much coffee

Soft drinks is one of the factor of gaining weight! You know just how much sugar they contain rite. Coffee is good to be honest, it can help you to stay energized throughout the day if you consume them in the morning before work/school. But too much coffee is just not that good so avoid taking too much as hard as you can.

14. Go to bed early

The longer you stay awake, the more hungrier you will feel! (and no one have an idea how much foods will you grab just to feed the hunger!)This is a fact. I find this to be really hard because I have insomnia but I'm trying to sleep before 12 am as hard as I can now.

15. Sit ups and crunches before sleep

Since I have insomnia, I always do some sit ups before I sleep (at least 50 every night). You can do crunches too, not only it can give you a deep sleep afterwards but if you always practice this it can give you a good muscle around your belly.

16. Don't be so stressed over you weight

The more stress you are over your own weight, the more unhealthy you will be and it will lead to more weight gaining. Though you're a little bit overweight, just keep your cool and enjoy a healthy and happy life. Even if you can't get the body you wanted, at least you won't make it worse by keep staying healthy. No one can easily achieve what they want rite, if there is any then no words of "working hard" even existed in this world!

17. Don't be so stressed over your life

Come one, what's happening in life have their own reason. Move on and don't be stressed on things that doesn't go well. Tell yourself stress is not good for health!

18. Have a good relationship

Happy relationship lead to a happy life, it create a positivity and can avoid no.17!

19. Don't listen to people, you are beautiful!

Ahh F those people who keep telling you are fat, you're're in the class of obesity & etc! I don't think world can be that awesome if only a slim people are living in it. Diversities is beautiful and you are beautiful in your very own way so don't be no.16 and just keep on staying happy, positive and healthy!

20. Now you decide

Only you can decide what you want, losing some weight would't be so easy (I know) and it would't be that hard either if you can discipline yourself to differentiate what is healthy and not and work harder to reach your goal!

This is how my body looks like in case if you're wondering whether I looks so skinny with 39kg weight, hell no okay...I'm just as healthy as usual and still eat a lot like an elephant hahaha! And no matter how much kg I lost the boobs part just won't tsk tsk

I hate C cup, I want B 

Sometimes being a little bit overweight doesn't mean you're a total unhealthy person, it can be by genetics (look at your family to figure this out) I have a genetics of small bone frame and features, my mom is 47 now and she's 48kg in weight, although she had 7 kids already. My dad is otherwise 120kg in weight and he has a big body frame, but all of my sisters & brothers got my mom genes.

I never reached more than 43kg so far but I like it to stay 40kg for now. No matter how hard you try to lose weight, at last it will still be bound by the genetics. It can be changed but just around the numbers. That's why I said don't be obsessed with numbers and there's no reason to punish yourself by restraining from eating. Even if you lost a lot of weight but if you did't maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards (plus if your gene is the type that easily to grain weight) All of your hard work will go waste. Good advice is, eat all you want, use control power, practice a healthy lifestyle to maintain and stay healthy forever! Good luck!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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