Thursday, 26 November 2015

Anime Cinemusic Concert At HGH Convention Centre

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Hey chocolate fountain!

Currently I've been so busy working and had no time to update my blog at all and kinda feels very bad and sad about that as I have so many interesting story to be shared. I'm trying to arrange my schedules better so that I can still write a new posts even tho I'm surrounded by a workloads.

Around a month ago my blogger friend, Anis invited me for an Anime Cinemusic Concert by Wicked Factory at HGH Convention Centre, KL. That was a very nice of her to tag me along! (she's always being nice anyway hehe) どうもあ りがとう Anis-ちゃん, それをとてもかんしゃします! (Thank you so much Anis-chan, I really appreciate it!)

Actually I was like 15 mins late because it was pouring outside and I was stucked in a traffic jam (I'm living in Bdr Sri Damansara with an always congested traffic around Kepong, blehh) Regret that I missed 2 performances of Shingeki no Kyojin OP "Guren no Yumiya" composed by Hiroyuki Sawano & Laputa: Castle In The Sky Theme Song from Studio Ghibli by Joe Hisaishi as the opening. It was actually a live orchestra performance for a selected excerpts from some of the most memorable and engaging arrangements and orchestrians by top composers such as Joe Hisaishi, Nobuo Uematsu, Hiroyuki Sawano and Koji Kondo from the Japanese Anime Industry. The performance was conducted by Mr. Chan Ling Chee, a professional musician with 20 years of experience and also a principal of his own music academy of Chan Academy of Music & Arts. I never watched an orchestra performance live so this was a really good time I had and treasured most! Thanks again Anis-ちゃん!

The Kiki Delivery Service theme song from Studio Ghibli was played at the moment I entered the hall. It was then followed by the Princess Mononoke from Studio Ghibli (I watched some of the scenes from this anime long ago but did't really follow the storyline, maybe I really need to watch it again!) and next it was Howl's Moving Castle's main theme which is also from Studio Ghibli! Omgoshhhhh you have no idea how much I love Howl's Moving Castle!! The anime is soooo about the meaningful romance! I just wish I'm Sophie so I could be with Howl forever! (LOL fml I hate reality rite haha) and my love for their OST is never ending! The forever and ever romantic scene was the mid-air dance by both Sophie & Howl, that was the scene when the famous and well-known wizard, Howl encountered and saved Sophie for the first time from the Witch's followers that persuing him and took her up in the mid-air while dancing with her gracefully, with the background of the theme song it was really one of the most beautiful scenes I ever watched from anime!

 A scene from Princess Mononoke

 It's Howl's Moving Castle!

 Sophie on the screen!

A scene where Sophie jump into Howl's childhood memory and found out why Howl's being heartless.

 Howl when he was a boy! This is the scene where he first met with calcifer, the fire demon!

This has caught my eyes! The ceiling in the hall is so magnificent and it looked almost like a real night sky with a milky way view up there!

Next performance was the Spirited Away: Reprise. All of the songs from Studio Ghibli played that night was composed by the well-known composer and music director of Studio Ghibli, Joe Hisaishi. His name is broadly known in Japan and internationally for his successful and popular works!

They also played the songs from FF (I watched some of the Final Fantasy series like really long ago thus I barely remember some of their songs but still do love them when they're being played!) The FF songs played was Cloud's theme from FFVII, FFX's theme "To Zanarkand" and FFXIII Lightning's theme. FFVII Cloud's theme song and FFX "To Zanarkand" were both composed by Nobou Uematsu. He's one of the most celebrated composer in the history of video game music and generally recognized for his work on the FF series and other games. While Lightning's theme from FFXIII was composed by Masashi Hamauzu.

 I hardly can remember the entire scene but this one is from FFVII, it was Cloud playing on the screen!'s Yuna!! I love her!

After enjoying the very nostalgic FF OSTs, they performed the Gundam Unicorn: On Your Mark composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. I never really followed the Gundam series before, I mean I'm not into robots and machines. I did watched some of the scenes from this anime before but I just never really followed it. They have many series and seasons as fact boys really love this anime more than girls because the anime was all about robots & stuff, anyway the song was not that bad even tho I did't follow the series, I still enjoyed it! Before calling it a wrap, theme song from Zelda Overworld was played, it's from Nintendo video game if I wasn't mistaken. This game was once being so famous and my brother used to play it during his childhood. This theme is one of the most recognizable video game soundtracks of all time and it was composed by the famous Japanese composer for video game music, Koji Kondo. His best scores are the soundtracks for various Nintendo Games.

 It's Zelda Overworld!

These was all the selected songs played that night. I really enjoyed the ambience and visual of this live orchestra performance for this Anime Cinemusic Concert, the musicians did a great job and they effortlessly made all the songs played sounds almost like the recorded piece despite the fact it was played live!

Me & Anis-ちゃん! That was a really fun and enjoyable nite, thanks to this cutie pie!

And let me have one selfie with my Anime Cinemusic booklet, LOL!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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