Friday, 20 November 2015

Ash Green Hair With Pink Highlights By Number 76 Salon


Dwoomo minna! *pyon pyon*

So now that I grew my hair very long, to stick with the same plain brown and straight hair is kinda boring. I need a new hairstyle for refreshment now LOL.

Recently I went to my favorite salon, Number 76 to dress up my hair in a new style. At first I thought of chopping off this hip length tresses to bob cut because it was so damn hard to do work with it, plus washing them alone was such a pain enough. Not to mention that my hair was a dry type and it tends to have a split ends and easily to get broken as well...argghhh stressed *pulling hair* (Oh nooo! see! I pulled some hair again!)

Yet, looking back at the days where I cried just to have my hair grow longer faster made me dismiss the thought of chopping them off (whenever a girls have a short hair believe me they will sometimes miss their long hair again) Instead, I think I should just give them a new color for a new mood and a treatment to take care of this prized long hair.

Thanks to Number 76 Publika for giving me the private area!
I have a habit of having an uncomfortable feeling when people around see me doing my hair actly, so a private room was like only you and your hairstylist...and people, you can go away! hahaha!

My hair session this time was with the Publika Number 76 hair director, Hikky san!

Not more than 5 minutes after I sat down, the salon worker came and brought me a cuppa green tea and coffee flavored biscuit. Their friendliness made me forgot that I was actually in a hair salon.

The salon was bright, clean and cozy as well. The surrounding environment was somewhat relaxing and it's actually a good idea to come and pay a visit once in a while or maybe during weekend and let the professionals style up your hair while you sit like a princess and enjoy your time escaping the worldly affairs.

 Tadaww... they left me for around 15 mins after putting on the ash green dye to my hair to make sure the color was set properly into the hair before wrapping around my head with a thin clear plastic wrap and left me for another 20-30 mins. 

I also did a little bit of hair bleaching for the first time on the inner cape part for a highlights. Never highlighted my hair before so I was so excited to get it done. The reason of why I chose to have an ash green hair color with a pink highlight was because few weeks before I saw this hairstyle on this one Japanese magazine called ViVi and I was sooo falling in love with this color and pairing it up pink highlight was so cool like a neo gyaru (neo gal) style that I've been deadly in love with!

And I like the way they covered okyakusan's ears from letting the dye stains the ears & earrings and prevent the water from getting into ears as well. The way they tucked in the towel inside the collar was also very helpful from getting your collar wet especially after rinsing off. Besides being friendly they also know how to take a good care of their customers, which is some of the hair salons I ever visited before failed to do so! 

I also ever experienced the case where the hairstylist accidentally ripped off one of my earrings while brushing my hair, and I lost the earring. It's clearly exhibit that the hairstylist was clumsy, ungently and harsh - *that hairstylist should be thankful that I wasn't being short tempered and scold her right away as I am a super tolerant type for real, instead I just sedately let her go although I was quite sad because the earrings were made from Egyptian crystal and was a precious present from my beloved middle eastern auntie, sigh~* ok let's move on~

*nom nom nom* I like to nom while getting my hair done hehe

Still waiting to get the color done. I almost fell asleep here LOL

tadaww~ rinsed my hair and can't wait to see how the color looks like!

The bleached hair for my pink highlights later *doki doki*

I truly forgot her name (gomene but I'm not so good with people names LOL)
But really, thanks to this hairstylist assistant as she was the one who took care of my hair for most part and not to forget that she was shooo kind and cutee!! We talked a lot about Japanese fashion and she even recommended me some interesting and worth visiting places in Japan for shopping! (she's been there before)
Thanks girl! *hugss*

She was doing ultrasonic hair treatment to my hair. I kid you not, after did their signature ultrasonic hair treatment my hair felt a lot more smoother and manageable. Running my fingers through my hair is my new fetish now haha!

 Check out how Number 76 Ultrasonic Iron Treatment can give an instant revive to your messy hair!

 While waiting my hair finish with the highlights and ultrasonic treatment, I took a glimpse on those Japanese magazines on the table. I always wanted to collect them because they have a tonnes of kawaii and trendy fashion and makeup tips inside, but thing is they are not sold in Malaysia and if I want to get them I need to buy online which can cost me a BOMB just for a magazine which is PRETTY CRAZY.

 Look! they even have a manga inside but I can't really read kanji and my hiragana and katagana is not that good.

Jawnnn! Dou da? Omg I love the result so much!! The ash green color wasn't that too green and it looked a tad greyish, I hoped to get a baby pink or pastel pink highlights but it turned out a bit purplish and for some reason I still think that it looked great! Overall, I just love the result!

I also asked Hikky san to cut my side bangs into a see-through bangs and she did it just perfectly like what I wanted. Here goes the fresh new Japanese-like hairstyle! 

Arigatou gozaimashita Hikky san, kansha! What a good job and I really love my hair now!

Also adored her braided ash grey hair and can't stop looking at it while she was doing my hair!
Thanks again Hikky san!

I think I would love to get some highlights again next time, although they did't stay that long. 1-2 washes is enough to make the color faded and mine only took 2 washes before the pink highlights were totally gone and now what's left is the plain blonde base from the bleaching.

For the price list (coz I know people will ask about price first hehe) here you go with their Menu. I personally love Number 76 @ Publika the most because I think the place is quaint and relaxing.

Number 76 Hair Salon Publika (Publika Shopping Gallery)

+603 6201 2776 / 3776

10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)

Number76 Publika, A1-G2-2, 
Solaris Dutamas, 
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
 50480 Kuala Lumpur

For more info about their hair services and to get to know their professional hairstylists, kindly visit Number 76 :

Btw, this is my second visit to Number 76 @ Publika, click here to read about my previous Kérastase hair & scalp treatment at the salon.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Nice hair color!! OMG, and their biscotti is to die for haha

  2. Nice hair color!! OMG, and their biscotti is to die for haha

    1. Thanks, now my hair is all black dy haha!

  3. omg babe your hair so long! And spotted your long eyelashes as well, DOLL!!!

    1. Funny how I always want to have a short hair but always end up keeping it long again and again haha, thanks!


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