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Shojikiya Japanese Food Fair @ One Utama

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Nyaaa guys! >w<

I was otw walking back from meeting my friends in 1U when I suddenly spotted this Japanese Food Fair at new wing 1U and wow how could I just passing by without making a stop when I am such a fan of Japanese foods LOL! I did't know such fair is running here since from 17th Nov, plus tomorrow is the last day you know!

Here are the photos of the foods & drinks sold at the fair, most of them are my favorites but they are quite hard to be found easily at anywhere here in Malaysia unless you buy online. Maybe they're sold somewhere in Malaysia just that I did't know where to really find some of I hope if any of you happen to know any shop that sell a lot of different Japanese foods plsss leave me a comments below on where I might find them here hehe domo!

Oh btw, one thing to remind is, since they all came from Japan you really need to double check the ingredients (if you are a Muslim), some have pork extract and some are not (but most of them do!) So yeah because I am a Muslim so I cannot eat anything that contain pork and lard, at first I did't really realize it because I just grab anything I like especially ramen, but when I was looking for the ramen's flavors I read behind the pack and found out and was like omg. Then put back most of the ramen that I already took because they all contain pork and lard LOL!

The Japanese curry and some of the sweets and chocolates also contain pork (too bad, I really would love to try Japanese curry so much!!) so I am just telling in advance just in case if you are a Muslim who also loves Japanese foods like me, but we can't eat pork so yeah~

Below are the photos that I took on the fair!

A green teas from many brands, so many choice based on your preferable price range. Most of them priced at around RM10-RM30 for a packet.

I thought these are a some sort of candies and or confectionery but actually they are Furikake Seasoning (Japanese food sprinkles seasoning)

Also Furikake Seasoning, you can actually get this easily in Malaysia if you really like food sprinkles. I saw many of them in Aeon before anyway. If you are into bento making, these gonna be so much interesting and can adds a lil bit of flavor to your "gohan" (meal), especially "onigiri" (rice ball) besides make it looks cute!

Ramen! This is the one that I bought, they're in chicken flavor.

If you are a muslim like me, not all ramen you can eat because some of them have pork flavor and might contains lard as well. I chose this very carefully to make sure I did't mistakenly bring home the one that contain a pork and lard because I cannot eat them so it will be a waste.

I forgot what is this but this food is like a porridge. Just pour a hot water in it and it's ready to eat.
Looks cute and tasty, I wanna try so bad but these contain pork and lard as well.

Japanese food at its fastest serving, LOL.
Some of them are udon, instant Japanese curry & etc but yeah again, they have pork and lard.

These...I like!! No matter what kind of way you use to eat wakame (seaweed) they will always add some unique flavor to your food! Wrap and eat, tear it into a small pieces and sprinkle all over rice or noodles, or maybe in soup...anything! Nandemo, still oishi!!

Japanese drinks are tasteful and tempting! They have a lot of different flavors which you can't really compare with the one we have in Malaysia! Malaysia always have the same flavors no matter from what brand you buy. Shockingly, they even have a Durian soda flavored drink and I was like "I wonder who will ever buy this?!" like really haha (I hate durian anyway). They have peach soda, strawberry soda, watermelon soda & etc! Come to find out yourselves hehe!

Wasabi ka...this is quite fascinating, I wonder what is the taste LOL.

I find this cute to be given out to kids on Halloween, this is a candies anw.

To choose on biscuits and candies befuddles me because I just love them all!

Kracie's Poppin Cookin! I never bought them tho but I just love looking at them! They're actually a candy typed food which you can make by yourself like a DIY stuff. You open the box, mix the mixture and powder using the water in a provided moulds and they will turn out into things they should be. Let's say if you buy the sushi one, so it's supposed to look like that and yeah they're actually in the category of candy, such a miniature too!

The pizza one.

Takoyaki Poppin cookin.

I went to Sunway Pyramid before, and they actually sell all of this candies there. Not sure tho what is the name of the shop but it's really near with Asian Avenue.

And again, make sure to always and always check the ingredients before you make a purchase.

Meiji is one of the famous confectionery brand in Japan and they have so many interesting cookies, candies, chocolate & etc! I love Meiji!

Now we are entering the snacks area!

Ok this kinda freaks me out actually, it's a baby crab snack and plus with the shells on.
I just don't think that I will ever buy this LOL. I am a bit rigorous when it comes to snacking and I normally did't buy something that's too unfamiliar or something that's a bit freaking me out LOL.
But yeah if you like to try this just go ahead and try there's no problem with that!

I never found this in Malaysia before so I did bought one to try! The banana flavored cream mini Oreo!

Whenever I saw a lot of pocky sticks it will naturally reminds me of November 11th, which is a celebrated pocky day in Japan hehe

Sushi vinegar and some ingredients to make sushi.

Also some fish collagen, I think this is a collagen drink or something like that.

So now let's see what I bought!

 Meiji's mushroom biscuits, I saw mushroom biscuits and mushroom choco numerous of times in anime and at first I thought they're made from mushroom but no haha. The biscuits have a choco in the shape of mushroom shoot on top and the root is a biscuit. In anime they normally will play a game and the one who lose can only eat the root instead the shoot (because shoot is chocolate and more delicious while root is a plain biscuit so it is like a sheer punishment LOL)

This tasted so good, it was white chocolate with a mild taste of soymilk. The white chocolate shoot also have something crunchy inside.

 I never found this anywhere before so yeah that was why I bought to try LOL

 The banana flavor wasn't that real but still tasted so good, plus the mini oreo was so cute!!

 Wakame, I normally tear them off into a small pieces and sprinkle them all over my rice, and eat it with tamagoyaki and miso soup and awhhh they tasted so good together!

 I bought this out of surprise, with the fact that Japanese do drink green tea with gold flakes to stay young LOL
But yeah the fascination have had me bought this just too experience how is it the feeling to drink a green tea with gold flakes (and feel so rich by drinking it just because they have some GOLD in it hahaha)

 The gold flakes was everywhere in the tea bag and also on the thread.

 The tea tasted awesome, somehow this is the green tea with a good grade and the taste was truly better and nicer compared to the one I always bought in Aeon (at the Japanese food section).
I love this! Now regret I only bought 1 packet (1 packet contain 10 bags). I should have bought 2 or 3 as they were only sold at RM20.

 Peach Sodaa! The smell was soooo damn sweet and nice and the drink itself was thirst quenching!

 At last, Tokyo Shoyu Japanese Ramen in chicken flavored broth!

 I would like to try all the flavors but totally can't and this was the only that I can eat because the rest contain pork & lard. So yeah I only bought this flavor then.

 And surprisingly the individual packet inside was damn bigger than Malaysia's instant noodles! Truly a ramen that fills the hunger and worth trying!

Cold night was warm with this Ramen, along with that it was super delicious!!

Total price for foods I bought was around RM80. Since they are all came from Japan so of course the price is a little bit pricier than stuff you can normally find in Malaysia but still considered as cheaper than how they should be because they were sold on a fair.

I hope you guys enjoy the post so much and if you would like to try some other new and unfamiliar Japanese foods you never tried just head over to this Japanese food fair tomorrow, rmb tomorrow is the last day! Jaa matta nee!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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