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Bifesta Cleansing Lotion [メイク落とし]


Domo minna san!

Every makeup wearer will need that one holly grail makeup remover that they trust to leave the "unmasking" task to them LOL! Of course the one that you feel comfortable to use the most and on top of all is IT NEVER BREAK YOU OUT!

And speaking of which, I finally have found my "one" and seems like it's gonna be my only now haha! I am a lazy type when it comes to makeup cleansing and removing, especially after got home from work & etc....I feels like the bed is the only next destination once I open the door haha. Before this I always use Bifesta cleansing gel to cleanse my makeup off (because tbh I am a "former" heavy makeup user haha) I really liked it because it is very gentle on my hyper sensitive skin, but now with my busy and tiring schedules I began to hate the fact that I need to go to bathroom to rinse my face thoroughly everytime after using the cleansing gel. Means that if I feels like removing my makeup in midst of work or whilst of falling asleep I need to go to the bathroom for rinsing off..pffft

By using this Bifesta cleansing lotion, even if I am too tired at night like almost fallen asleep and don't feel like going to the bathroom anymore I can still remove my makeup perfectly. This don't need a rinse, just pump some of the product on the cotton pad and wipe off clean everything on your face. If you're not using any makeup on and just feeling like to cleanse your face without rinsing off you can also try this, it's super duper hypoallergenic, moisturizing and suitable for all skin type, especially for dry type like me! I still prefer to give my face a quick rinse after wiping off actually, however still this is much convenient aite, means that I don't need a deep makeup cleansing which will take more time plus I use a very little makeup on my daily basis now and this will make a quickest and easiest way ever to remove my makeup, clean and perfectly "cleansed"!

That's why I love Japanese brands, their products is nothing but brilliant! Japanese is living in the fast working and hectic metropolitan city so that is why the brand itself, Bifesta contributed to something like this. Brought up that way you will mind about getting everything done in the most hassle-free and quickest way to save a lot of time and for girls, removing makeup is one of them! Especially for those who only spirited up to put them on in the morning but very lazy to remove them off at night, like me LOL!

Maybe some of you girls take the makeup cleansing part as a small matter, but hey, believe me...this is not a small matter! You are not treating your skin well if you always sleep with makeup on, your skin is not allowed to breath and this will be the main source of breakout. No matter how much tired and lazy you are, do at least wipe off everything from your face to prevent pores clogging and to ensure the skin can breath properly while you sleep.

Just that the only thing you should know is, this cleansing lotion is not that potent enough to remove a really heavy eye makeup in one swipe especially for gel type eyeliner. It can be removed using this cleansing lotion but you really need to hold the cotton pad on your closed eyes like reaaaally long and wipe it off over and over again until it's totally wears off and by doing so the product tends to get into your eyes and it's kinda hurts everytime it does!...not too much but it does feels uncomfortable. You better remove the eye makeup separately using a specific remover based on your choice. For me I always use the Johnson's baby oil to remove my eye makeup since I was a teenager up until now because it is very gentle and damn effective. Maybe you can also try Vaseline petroleum gel too, I heard some of beauty bloggers and gurus also recommended it (if you want another safe and bugdet eye makeup remover) Besides just this one thing it works like magic, especially for any type of foundation and bb creams!

 Pump out some of the product on a cotton pad in a sufficient amount.

  1. Making a hot mess on the back of my hands, the makeup includes gel eyeliner, liquid liner, pencil liner, mascara, eyeshadow, and foundation.
  2. First wipe off, some gel eyeliner, pencil liner and mascara are still left and can be seen on skin, while the foundation, eyeshadow and liquid liner are totally wiped off.
  3. Second wipe off, all the makeup are totally wiped off and the skin is left clean.

The pump feature is so helpful and to me the packaging is adorable and "onnanoko poi" (girls-like) with a cherry blossoms print in pastel pink color! The smell is also very mild and nice and it's not pricking your nose while wiping off!

I really like this water-based Bifesta cleansing lotion and seems like I will have a long journey ahead with this baybeh! No need rinse, hassle-free makeup cleansing and most importantly it's not oily and does not break me out besides being gentle and leave my skin well moisturized after removing the makeup off. Not to mention after using it for 3 months now, my skin has also improved a lot, no kidding! So obviously besides doing the makeup removing, it's also doing another good thing for my skin, how can I not heart this??This is my second bottle anyway!

Made in Japan and priced at around RM30 plus minus @ 300ml and of course looking for this babe is not hard at all as they are available at any Watsons, Guardian and most drugstores in Malaysia.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. im currently using silkygirl..for me.. lebih baik pilih yg water like compared to gel like. lagi bersih.. for me la.. heee

    1. Likewise, this one is water based as well and is one of my HG, keeps my skin hydrated after taking off my makeup, and it's very easy to be used as well as no rinse of is needed, I'm a lazy girl lol!


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