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First Cosplay Experience Ever at Comic Fiesta 2015 @ MIECC!


Nyaaa!! Minna-san genki? o((*^▽^*))o

I always and always and always adooooores cosplayers and with the fact that I really love watching anime, sometimes I feels like living the character in that particular anime (especially the one that I really love and feel the most!)

Photo from Manami chan's Instagram (@graciegraciaz)

I took this photo from Manami chan's IG because I really think that we both look kanpeki in this photo haha!! and idk why but always think that this lady in the center is a model everytime I look at the photo LOL (maybe because of her look?? well maybe she is in reality who knows hehe)  

CF wa Minami Kotori "Rabu Raibu!" kara desu!
("I am Minami Kotori from Love Live! on CF")

Just in case if you don't know, this is how the actual Minami Kotori looks like.
The costume that I cosplayed for her is from the Candy Maid version...they have too many versions you know.
(and of course I don't look specifically like her, she's an anime character anyway..sighh LOL)

Comic Fiesta is actually an event for those who really love otaku cultures so much (this includes the anime, games & so much more!). For this year this biggest event ever have taken place at MIECC (Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center) on 19th & 20th ago. Minna you have no idea how much crowded & crammed it was at the place ok, not to mention because of walking to much in the crowdness my legs caught a really painful cramps while walking back from MIECC to the Serdang KTM station on day 1! Man believe me it was too damn far, can't imagine how some of those cosplayers especially the one who cosplay in a really heavy costume can walk that far and still be cool..I can go and die already nyaa!! I think last year was so much more convenient because CF 2014 was held at KLCC, there were so much more spaces for parking and walking from the subway station was not this hell!

Manami chan and I actually planned to cos as the characters from SAO, but there were a lil bit problem with the costumes so my cosplay partner Manami chan suggested to change the cosplan to "Love Live!" cosplay and it went well and successful even tho this was our first time and we made all the preparation in a really really last min around 2 weeks before the event! Crazy aite? But what a long relieved sigh it is still went well!

Of course there were so much obstacles for this cosplan because we both have no experience at all, but thanks to Manami chan and Ai chan, a friend from Ktn for helping a lot from A to Z! Manami helped me a lot from finding a costumes (of course the one that saves a lot of moneyyhh!) and assist me in wearing wig since this was my first time wearing one and it felt so uncomfortable on the first day but with some tips from her on wearing it properly I pulled it well on the second day! Domo Manami chan! Not to mention I went to dentist on the day before for braces and it's killing me until now with the pain! No eat and only drink for these recent few days sobs sobss but kinda glad I did't looked too weird cosplaying with a braces on haha! (except for the pain only!)

Here is some of the photos from the event by Ai chan who came with us, tsannnkyiuuu for helping a lot, we love ya Ai chan! (Not to mention I was pretty broke on CF because I spent all the money on dentist a day before for my braces plus with the hotel cost because we stayed in a hotel for this event..sigh and tsanskyiuu once again Ai chan for the ticket & stuff..I will make an entry about my braces soon and I will tell more on that post later)

P/S- Gomene, some photos might be blurry because we just took them by using phone (I forgot to bring my camera there ya know what a clumsy me! ( ≧Д≦) but these are all the best photos I have! and please don't criticize my face, I know I looked kinda weird & awkward smiling, it was because of the braces and I'm still not used to it since I just put it on a day right before CF! ><


A selfie and it's blurry ohhh

I did't know this photo exist, Ai chan secretly captured it! But during this time I was helping Manami chan with her eye makeup!

 We arrived very very late on day 1 because of some problem but still managed to come anyway, thanks for people who asked to take a photo with us while otw walking to MIECC! Kansha desu!
Btw, everytime ppl ask for a photo I was kinda felt like "weeewww I feel so popular" hahahaha...iye..joudan desu! Don't hate me after this LOL

It's Xmas so yeahh xD

 A lot of tourists who spotted us got interested with our costume and asked us for a photo! These kids are from this one middle eastern family, their baby was crying and once we cheered her up she smiled and stop from crying anymore (maybe because she think we looked weird & "different" hahaha!)
But it was fun! Now I looks like someone who are doing a charity ><

 Spotted a Santa and we go crazy with it!


 And I spotted Yona!! Omgoshh omgosshhhh I love her so much and this coser is sooo kawaiii!!

I feeling like laughing everytime I see this photo, the one who spotted this coser first was Ai chan (what a quick & sharp eyes she have for hot guys LOL!) at first Ai chan just took a normal photo by standing next to this coser, and next Manami chan who upgraded the posing by grabing the arm of this guy (Ai chan looked so much jelly by that hahaha) I just acted a lil bit noty there with a reason to put these two girls in a jealousy mode and beat them. I pulled this pose then wahahaha..and as expected they were both mad at me and jelly!! I am an evil rite? LOL

He cosplay as Mikaela from Owari no Seraph.

 This coser also was spotted by Ai chan first hahaha and I once again made those girls jelly hahaha (evil evil)..this is Kururgi Suzaku from Code Geass

I walked next to her without noticing she's the CF 2015 Mascot! Thanks to Manami who told me! 

I once thinking to cosplay as this character because I love her so much, she is the heroine from Amnesia (I even have sewn her head piece before to tell you how much I love the character!)

 Womanizer Sanji from One Piece spotted!

Kyaaaa it's Kousaka Honoka from "Love Live!" But she's so chibi & kawaii, the I need to bend my legs a bit to make it looks like we're in the same height because in "Love Live!" Honoka & Kotori have a quite same height! 

It's a wrap, we were otw walking back and spotted a really unique embossed wall decoration & painting, something that looks really "Thai" so we took the photo!

Actually there were a lot more cosplayers that amazed me there, I really would love to have a photo with all of them if I could but...maybe next time hahah! tbh I forgot to bring my camera so I was kinda felt bad to ask Ai chan to take a photo of me with the cosplayers, everytime...using her phone..pfttt nvm I will take this very first experience as an experiment, next year if I am about to cos again I will try to do much better! Dakara matte dene! ><

I planned to cosplay again on next year CF, but the character to cos is still on consideration because I have too many on the list hehe! Plus it depends on my $$$ cosplay is not a cheap hobby ya knawww! TT

Ahh also, kinda felt sorry for the cosplayer friends who waited to see me on day 1, I was kinda late because of some problem and they were all already went home the moment I arrived. gomene minna...but still kansha to Kenta-kun who waited for me the whole day (although I did't show up before he went home) and still he even waited for me on day 2, arigatou Kenta-kun for waiting and for the photo...hope can meet him again on next CF!

Last but not least, million stars of thanks to Meow Cosplay Shop for the costume, she helped me a lot with my last minute preparation besides being friendly, can't thanks her more!! Totemo kansha desu!! Although the boots that I bought from her did't arrive on time because of the last minute order but she still helped me with the non-stop tracking (it was a preorder so I should have knew it will never arrive on time especially if you order within a week before the event) lucky I have another boots that can match my maid dress...I could't be more grateful than this! Domo arigatou gozaimashita Meow chan for that!!

Do check out her cosplay shop on FB! She just started out but she will help you with your costume findings, and not to mention her prices for the costumes are unbelievably affordable!! Now I began to wonder why some other cosplay shops either on FB or elsewhere charges so much if you can get a similar thing from Meow with a cheap prices and the quality is even comparable, damn pow like a bloodsucker gao gao leh! -____-

Photos are all credited to Ai chan! Thanks for helping a lot, from holding our stuff everytime ppl ask for a photo, taking all the photos for us, and taking care of my costume on day 1! Manami chan mo for everything and for the fun we had, my first cosplay partner ever!! heart you lots girlss!!!! I will try my best to cosplay again on next year if I could, never thought that the hobby can be so much fun! on top of that, at the moment I posted this post up one of my longest (and also one of my 2015) resolutions have been granted!! Kanshaa! Jaa, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu minna! ❤❤❤

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. ohooo.. no wonder you looks familiar~ <3 i was checking ur althea review before stumbing here. nice to meet chu fellow cosplayer..

    1. Oh lol really, nice to meet ya too then! <3


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