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Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

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Domo my strawberry crepes!

Pretty much this was my second visit to recently launched Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid. First time was a narrow visit LOL because the cafe was at its peak that me and my friend that came along were told to come back after 3 hours later to be seated and served and that kinda forced us to just leave and return back on the next time when the crowd has already die down. Heck the queue was formed from inside to outside you don't say!

Me on the first visit, returning the feeling of unable to sit inside and sip a cuppa coffee by taking a picture with this main character of this gourmet cafe.

Actually this cute themed cafe have already opened its curtain on September ago, officially. And my disheartened visit was 2 weeks after it was officially opened so can't complain much about the insane crowds. Now this cafe seems to be a lot more serene as those raids has slowly subsided.

Cute Hello Kitty on flower pot and on tissue, the candle was actually a lamp anyway.
They will lit em up upon evening.

The cafe bear its character's appearance in all forms, so you can really spot this childhood hero of yours everywhere from the wood furniture, tea sets, wall murals and paintings, on flower pots, on tissues as well & almost everything! The atmosphere was exceptionally romantic and Parisian-like, 5 mins sit while waiting for the menu is enough to teleport my mind to the haute french gourmet scene. The surrounding was bright and the interior design was so adorable and sooo girls dream! Perfect place for a selfie queen and photography!

Btw, the cafe was lit up in a dimmed light, regarding that sorry if I offer you guys a shadowed photos here but these are all the best photos I have.

The menu, I think everything are overpriced though? Pretty sure that all the cost they charges on foods is solely not because of the foods themselves, a part of it is to cover their interior design cost.

I was with Regina and Tammy, we just finished the event at Muse by Watson on the upper level so we decided to drop by there together after found out that we were all heading to the same place. The cafe was located at the first floor of Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid (outside the main Sunway Pyramid building)

Everything looks adorable don't you think? *my soul is shrieking*

I shared the English Breakfast Tea with Tammy (tho the evening was crawling in, but yeah who cares LOL), the teapot came with 2 tea cups, suggested that it was really meant for 2 people haha
And English Breakfast Tea is refillable.

English Breakfast Tea: RM13.10/teapot with 2 teacups

Basically the visit wasn't planned beforehand, we just coincidentally felt like going there out of blue after attending the event instead of making our way back to home so you can really tell that we did't ordered much variations as we were just only checking out this place because none of us have really been here before.

Kawaii...all I did was making a priceless face looking at this tiny bon choux (barely remember its exact name so correct me if I am possibly wrong) This choux pastry wasn't listed on the menu btw, I tried looking for its name but could't found it. I caught a glance on it on the cake display chiller while looking at the cakes and so I just asked the waiter to bring one to our table. Heck, only enough for a cavity despite really delighting you tummy. That's what gourmet foods really are btw, fancy presentation emphasized more than portion so can't complain much since it is their cafe concept.

Hello Kitty Bon Coux: RM7.90/pcs
(Albeit really tiny the price was kinda too much don't ya think LOL)

There was a custard filling inside when I slit it into two.
I think the ribbon decoration on top was sooo darn cute. It has the tang of strawberry and in fact the ribbon print was a handmade drawing using a chocolate.

Taste good? The taste was ok only.

This is Tammy's Strawberry Pistachio cake slice. Tammy said it was "bleh" to her. LOL
She's quite a foodie person so when she overtly said "bleh", can't really imagine how bad it was to her tastebuds? LOL 
If I had this probably it's gonna be just ok-ok only to me too.

Strawberry Pistachio Cake: RM21++/slice

The Hello Kitty cookie was Regina's while the cupcake was mine.
Regina said it was also ok only, either that cupcake of mine.
The vanilla cupcake wasn't that bad but I had a migraine eating the fondant on its top because it was too sugary, tho I have a sweet tooth but the sugar level was just too much that it was out of my handling.

Hello Kitty Cupcake: RM15.90/pcs
Hello Kitty Cookie: RM7.90/pcs

Adores Regina's fashion style all of the time, this was a staircase to upper floor.
The cafe was built in two floors and the first one is for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea while the second floor is for dinner.

Did't took a lot of photos but you can google the cafe and there will be a lot of Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe reviews from other bloggers. Wanted to take more photos but my phone camera was not that good sobs (it's time to buy a new one? lol) but the place was really nice, better than the foods lol. Their pricing and the quality of the taste was a total mismatch. The food presentation was good but seriously you can buy a cheaper cakes or cookies outside which is a lot more better than these. All this cafe have is their attractive decoration and quaint atmosphere.

So pick any of the reason that will make you have a contented visit, do you rather choose to step in just to have a deep gaze at their cute hello kitty themed surrounding which translates to pretty selfies and photos, or your main hunting is on foods? Your pick.

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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