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Good day girls! Basically, most normal girls around that I know only own a few types of shoes that they comfortable to walk in the most (including me LOL) unless you're into an epic shoe game like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City then that's outta question lol. All "principles" aside, no matter which one do you stick to let's just stalk on these shoes that every women should have in her closet. Either you are buying 30 pairs of your favorites or never really care to own that many, make sure you have these types of women shoes that will go well with every possible occasion! 


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There was a said that happy footwear equals happy feet. Having the look of ready-to-go, flip flops indeed make one's way smooth on a casual day. They are a type of open-toed footwear quite identical to sandal, but the sole can be more flatter and their forever signature are those Y-shaped commonly rubber strap that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot. Wearing flip flops is a compliment to your whole OOTD if you are going to the beach, especially and I think that's what flip flops are more suitable for. Nevertheless if you think you probably not gonna give so much on your look while going out for a light strolling, this type of footwear should also come into your first pick! Pair them up with a sling bag, long white dress and a floppy hat and look amazing even on your lazy day!

Recommendation :

Rubi Rubi Thongs (on Zalora) - RM19.00


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A sister to flip flops as they are similarly open-toed and all, the only contrast is the sole held to the wearer's foot by strap passing over instep and sometimes bracing around the ankle. Some sandals can also have a heel depends on the design. Another ready-to-go type of footwear which you can wear all day long without hurting your toes and heels, andd...a shoes of savior for those "cynophobias" whenever they accidentally run into dogs lol! There's no rules of what you can't wear with sandals on your casual day, be it with jeans, shorts or even with a short loose dresses they can still look inspiring!


Zalora Embellished Flat Sandals (on Zalora) - RM79.00


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They are called as mom’s best friend because you can actually wear them with almost anything from jeans to skirts, shorts and even dresses wherever you go looking put together and feminine. Flats are also considered as one of the best shoes every working woman could have in their wardrobe as they are a great option to be worn comfortably to work especially when your feet need a rest from wearing high heels. Wearing a pair of trendy flats can still make you look professional and put together. They are definitely a must-have in every woman’s closet at home and in fact, girls in Japan always bring a pair of flats in their bag whenever they go out thus at the middle of the day when their feet are burning from the walking they will change their heels to flats. Now I see why they always wear a bulky handbag, but of course the trendy one!


Zalora Snake Embossed D'Orsay Flats (on Zalora) - RM79.00


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A woman would never turn her back on a pair of classic black pumps. They are considered as the most versatile shoes in the world a woman could have. A pair of stylish black pumps can go with almost everything, plus they are also in for a casual wear and what not! Your femininity will be doubted if you never own a pair of heels lol! Why only pointed out a black pumps all the time? Of course not! you can always opt for a nude pumps as well if you like and likewise, they will go just nice with everything! 


Sidewalk Elastic Straped Platform Heels (on Zalora) - RM89.00


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From the year of 2012 when the K-wave started to hit worldwide, I saw a lot more Malaysian made a stylish OOTD with booties on! (what an impact huh?)  to cut it short, boots have always being part of Hollywood's staple fashion from the high knee cut to the ankle boots since 10 years back but as the fashion observant I never really notice that people are affected that much by Hollywood's fashion trends on 10 years ago. Blimeyyy to even look for a pair of booties on net for an online shopping was a tough nut to crack I kid you not! Oppositely today they are "bersepah" on the local website offering a wide range of choices and getting a pair of them is a piece of cake in no time! Fashion boots comes in so many types more than you can imagine, the one with platform sole (the one that I own the most!), ankle boots, knee boots and wayy more!

So should I say thanks to the K-wave for bringing in a cool footwear to paint more colors into our fashion industry? lol! Another reason of why most girls are obsessed with K-dramas, besides having the handsome oppas the onnies' flawless skin and stylish outfits are something worth to be focused on too for our fashion reference later hehe! Anyway nowadays the fashion trends has turned into a complex from where we girls just "bantai" everything as long as the mix and match looks perfect without really bother from where those particular fashion trends have landed from as more and more people are urbanized and they can do an inspiring mix and match for their own fashion taste and preference! Go all trendy and look up to date by pairing up a pair of boots with jeans, loose top or with outerwears, a sunnies is always an extra compliment!


Theraphy Willow Lace Up Boots (on Zalora) - RM195.00


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The only shoe type that makes my tummy goes growling just because it reminds me of my favorite snack, cheesy wedges wtf lol! Wedgies are those type of footwear with the heel and sole connected together as they serves as the base and they are common to have the sole more thicker at the back than at the front, making them a high-heeled shoes. The middle part of the sole that connects the heel and front sole (called shank for the arch support) built more taper and if one lack of balance wearing a very high wedgies can be quite dangerous as it can often twist your ankle (been there a lot of times, sobs that's why wedgies are just not for a clumsy girl like me most of the time, the one with average height is ok though) Skirts or dresses, both can rock the wedgies just awesome! 


Te Chi-Chi  Floral Printed Wedges (on Zalora) - RM99.90


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Nothing can beat the outgoing feelings while wearing the slip ons. Love sneakers but hate to tie up the lace? Slip ons is hereeee lol! the name itself is self-explanatory and on top of all they are very comfortable to wear all day long! I call them the "amp-up typed shoes" for walking or travelling, around the city or wherever you go of course! They covers your whole foot just like sneakers does, entirely safe for a soft hiking (as well as fashion) and it's less hassle wearing them because you just need to slip them on to your feet without requiring a proper sit to tie anything up! Available in many designs and patterns and your only job is to choose the one that clicks you! I've seen a lot of Japanese wore slip ons with sweat tees and baggy pants and they look trendiest ever! I need a pair of slip ons too now OMG stop me! *pls no* LOL


Te Chi-Chi Plaid Sneakers (on Zalora) - RM119.90


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Casual sneakers that are sporty have become so trendy for the last few years and they are such a cool option for a casual look. You will be amazed that you can actually wear them all day long feeling comfortable without pinching your feet. A fun patterned or colorful pair would be great to be paired with almost anything like jeans, leggings, shorts and even casual dresses you already have in your closet, go mix and match girlsss hehe!


Something Borrowed Lace Up High Ankle Sneakers (on Zalora) - RM119.00

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Talk to you guys again on my next post!

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Banzai!!! It's a brand new year for 2016!

So here's my short wish for this new year! May all of you guys are blessed with a shine upon your life in 2016, don't regret for what you can't achieve in 2015, more adventures will coming ahead in this new year and may your 2016 filled with happiness, more laughter and of course! A strong and better financial! So it's time to move on for a better!

I am so grateful because all things I wanted to do in 2015 have been achieved! Grad from my Diploma with a flying colors on April 2015 ago, got a lot of offers for modelling jobs (for an amateur like me it was a blessing haha!) and recently went to CF15 @ MIECC (here to read) and I cosplayed as well for the very first time! Kansha dessssu and thanks for everyone who've been supporting me forever and to those who ever came into my life, regardless friends or foes for all the rainbow, sun, rain and thunderstorm in my life (I sounds much like a weather forecaster at the moment haha!) It was all a lessons you will go through in life where you will fall, stand up again and learn from it! I just feel so grateful of everything! Now it's a time for a new set of resolutions and of course, go for it!

Ahh also, just a quick update about my life. I got an offer from UITM Shah Alam 2 weeks ago for Fashion Course, I attended the interview and passed but after that I declined with a heavy heart. My parents were a bit mad about that but after realizing that this is my unchangeable decision they accepted it. I love fashion, like really really love it but I am not cut out to study it. I am more interested with experimenting fashion on daily life than take up 3-4 years course just to study it. In short I just love to style up but I don't prefer to go on a specific fashion research course and study it. It can be too stressing for me, I know because I've live with fashion students during my Diploma for few semesters and it was too stressing, their student life I mean. Maybe I will continue my studies on September this year and just proceed with what I've been studying, Tourism Management hopefully. Now I want to focus on my working life to gain some experience first.

Alright let's move on. Five days ago right before new year, I bought all of these beauty stuff from Althea and decided that these babes gonna be my first beauty box ever in 2016 hehe! Let's take a look of what I purchased from Korea!

Jjangg! What a fast shipping you got there, thanks a bunch Althea!

 Let's take a peek of what inside the box closer. As always, all items were wrapped in the bubble wraps and Althea stuffed a lot of the pink papers around your items to make it safe and sound (plus it looks cute) so it won't break and bring a damage to your cosmetic products while on the journey to get it to you!

Reliable evvahh!

(Note: I took this photo when I already removed all the bubble wraps)

All things I bought in their own packaging.

 And now they're naked after removing the external packaging haha and this is how they, the items I bought looks like!

Anddd goshhh goshhh goshhh!! Althea kamsahae for the extra gift of artificial whipping cream & desserts cabochons as a deco kit for my cushion cases! And dunno why but it's really seems like they kinda know I really love desserts! This is too cute and my breath turned heavy at the moment I saw them inside my box...omooo neooomu neomu kamsahamnida Althea!! You just made this girl's day on her new year!

Taddaah! Because the deco kit looks so cute and I cannot wait until the next day to deco them! (or else I will have an anticipation dream all night long of what my cushion cases will looks like with the cute deco on haha!) I worked on them right away after opening the box! Dou da?? (How is it?) hehe...

If you want a cute cushion case like this, go buy from Althea!
Only Althea give this when you purchase any cushions from them!

I saw some girls who deco their cushion case covered all over the top of the case, but I don't really like to do the same because sayang la to cover the brand name. Besides, I bought from Etude House and their packaging itself is pretty cute and adorable! Actually the deco kit given is only enough for one cushion case decoration but because I chose to not cover all over the case for either any of mine so I divided it by two and check out how it looks like! Still pretty cute rite! The whipping cream was applied only on the top side and then I just put the cabochons on the whipping cream while it's still wet without covering the brand name and let them dry. For your kind info, this is my first time trying a cushion-typed makeup.

 The closer shot on how these babies looks like with their new deco on hehe!
These kind of cushion case is to die forrr!!

These both are from Etude House, the left one (white) is Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige and the right one (Pink) is Magic Any Cushion in Magic Pink. I will do a separate review on these babes since I love them so much and would like to make detailed review about them later dakara matte dene! (So pls wait!)

Now move on to the next item! So damn love thiss!! Reminds me of my secondary school days a lot because I used to collect a lot of highlighter marker to make my note reading much easier and now the different thing is, this is not for your textbook. This is for your lips and how awesome can Korea be when it comes to new makeup idea and invention?? Brilliant! This is Peri's Tint Marker from Peripera and I bought mine in No.3 Pink Stain.

 To tint the lips is much easier now and on top of all, it is really fun!!
Just that the scent is unlike most of the tints I ever tried. It feels a bit like I am using a real marker for my lips. I wish the smell isn't that too marker-y and it could be better if they add a little bit juicy scent for a fresher feeling

 I have a dry skin but using the makeup everyday can make my skin look a little bit shiny especially by afternoon so I purchased this Dinoplatz Dear. Brachiosaurus blotting paper from Too Cool For School because it looks so cool! Indeed "Too Cool For School" !! (coz I am working now haha!)

Why I said it's cool? Look at the green puff sponge, it looks like this is a face powder in a glimpse but no...on the other side of the sponge there's a piece of sticky paper that work by sticking the blotting paper on to make it easier for you girls to blot your face oil! 

Check this out, omgosh how cool is that? so everytime you open the case just take out the sponge with the blotting paper ready and sticked on and tap it on your face or on the area you want to blot. When you're done just remove the used blotting paper from the sticky paper and dispose it, then place the sponge back in the case (it will automatically stick the new one at the moment you place the sponge back inside the case)

There are 5 sticky papers on the puff sponge, everytime the paper lose its stickiness just removed it and there will be another sticky paper underneath.

Blotting face is soooo much fun now! It looks like I am doing a makeup touch up but no haha.

And not forget to mention, the packaging is so damn cute!! It's a doodle of Dinoplatz by Hatori Sando (Jee Hoon Stark) of a dinosaurs walking in the city. Btw, Hatori Sando is someone who's working with Too Cool For School brand for Dinoplatz line. (kinda can't stop thinking of what's its relation with blotting paper haha but don't care as long as the concept is cute that is!)

Here is the price list of all the products I bought in this post:

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion (RM54)
Etude House Magic Any Cushion (RM50)
Peripera Peri's Tint Marker (RM28)
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear. Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to the Sponge (RM15)

Authentic K-brand cosmetics, fast shipping, unbeatable prices & awesome deals and such a reliable online seller, that's Althea Korea for you! I am not kidding but you will be surprised if you compare their prices with all of the online shops you can find in Malaysia...the prices and deals is their victory! You can't find the products I bought in that prices if you buy from Malaysia's online shops nor from the brand local stores!

Don't believe me? Go take a look yourselves on their website!

Last but not least, Happy New Year minna! May minna san live this brand new 2016 with more happiness, laughter and amazing life adventures!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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