Sunday, 1 November 2015

Althea Halloween Night @ GoGung Koryo Won, Gardens

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Booh! Oh hello little elves peeking! LOL!

Happy Halloween!! Heeeee! ><

Thanks to Tammy, she's the one who invited me as part of the Althea team. I can't believe the Althea Korea's CEO, Frank Kang also came...all the way from South Korea! He was sooo nice and friendly! I met Tammy of course, Kak Ella, Anis, Joody, Kak Nannie, Aliza, Dee, Nicole, Mieza, Mira, Reiko and etc . Also made a new blogger friend from Philipine, Reia! They were all dressed up so nice for Halloween theme!

I did't buy any special costume for halloween because I got no time to shop for it beforehand, so I just did a halloween makeup, a wooden doll makeup look to complete my halloween look for the night.

 The finger looked as if it was an appetizer..yummy LOL (Pls I'm not a cannibal okeh)

Long table always means a big feast will gonna happen ever hehe!

 Would you like some creepy cuts dear? LOL

Can't stop getting over that finger thingy!

 From left: Frank (Althea's CEO), Kak Nannie, Anis, Nicole and Reia! 

They're all looked so cute! Especially Frank who wear the butcher costume haha...well I don't think he would make a scary butcher you know...he's got a too innocent face to be a scary butcher or murderer!

 This is my fave! it's bulgogi! (Korean dish of a marinated thin beef slices and grilled on a barbecue) It was grilled just nice, not too overly grilled and the meat tasted fresh and juicy, coupled with the sour & spicy dipping sauce...ohh haaaarmony!! (Lol Tokyo Ghoul's Tsukiyama Shuu for a sudden!) Some Korean also loves to eat them with raw garlic!

 Althea specially reserved the private room for this gathering at GoGung...and not to mention the place decoration for that halloween night reminds me a lot of Resident Evil bloody street scene!

 From left: Kak Nannie, Me, Reiko

It was my first time meeting with Reiko tho, I've ever visited her blog few times before. She's a model as well and she's wayyy too tall! (and of course pretty too without that joker makeup actly!)

Looking at this photo I think we would make a perfect ghost band ever haha! The sweet vampire Kak Nannie, the walking doll me and Reiko, the happiest Joker I've ever seen hahaha!

 With Dee, the smiling zombie haha! 

 My fave lady ever...and also my mama-san Tammy! If she's a real zombie she could be the most cutest one ever you see!

A unicorn fairy Nicole! Nice catching up with her again after quite some time seeing her on event!

Thanks Althea for having me....I will keep on supporting Althea no matter what! Of course will splurge more from them too in future! Thanks Tammy & Anis, as part of the Althea team for the splendid night & delicious dinner!

Btw, congrats too to Aliza, Kak Nannie, Carol & etc who won the prizes for the best Althea Review post that night!

Here is Frank's little treat from Althea for us! And I really love every single one of them!

 All treats in a black witch-like basket, omoo so halloween-y rite!

 I never tried this mask before but it looks so pretty and I wonder if I will ever use this haha!
Such a too pretty mask to be used indeed!

 I've tried this and I reeeeeally love it! It is so gentle on my skin! 
At the moment you squeeze the product out from the tube it looks like a normal whitish translucent gel but once you apply it on the skin and rub it in a circular motion gently, the small white clump will started to form which is your dead skin! 

After using the exfoliation gel my skin feels much smoother and softer, and of course more brighter after removing all the unwanted dead skin that makes you skin feels rough everytime you touch it! This product is kinda similar to Cure Aqua Natural Gel that I've been using for exfoliation for once a week! 

 Pore tightening pack from W.Lab! No more open pores eh!
The pack was like absorbing all gunks from your pores as it dries!

 Yayy *leaping in joy* kamsahamnida Frank for this!! I really heart this Magic Pole Eyeliner from Holika Holika! It make it easier for you girls to apply eyeliner on your eyelids, and the round tip makes a stabilized application ever even if you have a shaky hand!

If you're a new makeup beginner this is a must try!!

 The packaging is similar to Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel, just that I think I like this better because the moment you press the button a black gel will come out and when you start moving the silicone brush in a circular motion on your skin the black gel turns into a bubble foam and it cleanses your T-zone pretty well! After rinsing off you can feel that your skin is squeaky clean!

If you are combating a clogged pores on your T-zone maybe you should give this product a try, definitely a product worth buying!

And of course, a photo with the taukeh of Althea, Frank is a must! Thank you soooo much Frank for all the treats, awesome night and dinner, it was wonderful to have met with you! And it was supposed to be a scary pose on that night but coz we both are too cute for that so here is the cute pose from us on halloween ago hahaha!

Neomu neomu kamsahamnida Frank and please come again to Malaysia next time!!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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