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International Beauty Expo 2015 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

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Moshi moshhhhi!

I went to Beauty Expo at KL Convention Centre recently, actually I was invited for the Canmake 30th Anniversary event but I arrived too late that the event has already passed, pfttt...it was raining cats and dogs at that time and I was stuck in the traffic jam at Kepong for hours! I still went inside tho after reaching the place but kinda heartbroken that I missed it. Nevermind probably I was hit by a karma or something (let's just take it as that) And just to repay my own frustration I just strolled around the booths at the Beauty Expo by myself.

After got inside I went straight to the Canmake booth @ Hall 4, this was the first time ever I saw all of the Canmake products gathered in one place. You definitely can find Canmake products at Sasa but not all of their products are placed there, only the selected one and that means you can only see a few of them at Sasa. Spoiled enough rite? heee

This..the packaging is so gorgeous! 

Despite the hard feelings I got, many good things happened to me there so I am still being grateful!

I stopped by at many booths that caught my attention there. Most of them are the one that selling the nail & hair care products because they threw a big sale on them and they were so worth buying! I did bought some of the nail stuff mostly the nail stickers and nail polish coz you know, I love nail arts! Also, a hair care product from Hair Depot. Hair Depot is one of the famous hair salons in Malaysia but I never got a chance to visit them yet. I will try to pay them a visit in future hopefully!

While strolling around, I received so many pamphlets and samples from many beauty brands. Some of them are the well-known one and most of them are just a random brands I never heard. I stopped at this one booth because I saw their promoters got a very nicely done face arts, just to get rid of my curiousity. Turned out that the booth belong to this one Nail & Body Arts Academy. That's a very nice of them for offering me to do an acrylic paint on my hand at the moment they learned that I was really into the paint on their faces (because I stares a lot when I'm interested in something lol)

I was kinda surprised too because the people from this beauty academy really insisted in offering me for the paid modeling job omg!! They said I'm the type that look photogenic in photo. I hope this is not a lies? LOL! Not to mention that some other brands also approached me for a sponsorship at the moment they learned that I'm a beauty blogger and I was like "goooosh" (I might be lying if I say I am not tempted) hahaha but I nicely declined them all tho.

The Principal of the academy specially painted a really subarashi (wonderful) sakura acrylic paint on my right hand and even now when I take a look back at the photo I still can't stop admiring it! She painted it like extraordinarily fast, I remembered it was less than 2 or 3 mins only! Yet she created something that looks incredible that someone else might paint for half an hour! Omgosh kansha desu! you girls there made my day for the beautiful paint on my hand and for the modelling invitation for the academy even tho I have to decline this splendid opportunities for good!

Ah I also made a new friends there! There were this two Korean bijin (beauties) whom friendly approached and offered me to try their products at their booth, the brand was 100% originated from Korea and haven't yet opened in M'sia! It's Bellon, and all the ingredients are chemical-free and natural! I might be interested but with the fact that I already have a tonnes of skin care products at home I know I have to dismiss my thought from buying them LOL! But tanoshikatta (it was fun) that I discovered a new skin care brand from Korea!

I looked sheeyyt standing next to these two bijins haha!

Below are some of the photos from the IBE 2015 :

Yepp it was 50% for all O.P.I nail polish and some of them were sold only at only RM10!

MCC cosmetic brand from Korea, the moment I visited their booth they aren't opened yet in Malaysia but now you can already find this brand at their store in One Utama!

Cushion makeup, since after Laneige first launched their makeup cushion the other beauty brands in Korea also followed the idea!

Looks like some sort of candy but actually it was a wax haha!

Many kinds of green tea from Japan, they have many flavors as well!

Some event is running and they just caught my attention to come closer and snap a picture.

Below was all the things I got for myself, kinda not into the mode of shopping too much there. Although there were a crazy deals at Canmake booth but I was just not into the right mood, probably because of missing the Canmake event earlier. Plus it was crowded all over the place.

The nail sticker is much easier to be used for the nail arts, drawing a detailed lines by using the nail polish and brush is no more! 

So now the DIY nail arts are much easier and along with that is much fine and pretty!

Lace nail art which is suitable with french tip style. The kind of nail art I always do at home when I have no time for salon and want something simple yet nice.

I got this as a sample from Anubis, never really heard and tried this brand from Spain before but it's not that bad to try a new stuff sometimes, plus it's a body lotion so that's fine. I normally don't just go and try a new stuff especially for my face (too cautious because of my hyper sensitive skin type)

This...I like! it has a nice scent and it's not too oily for your hair! I have a dry hair type so after using this hair serum it helps a lot in nourishing them!

I'm looking for the ocean or galaxy blue nail polish at the moment and since this was the only blue in color O.P.I nail polish that left at O.P.I booth, so I just bought it right away. Now you know girls can be pretty much like a "piranha" when it comes to grabbing & shopping especially if there's a promotion LOL! This is the crack nail polish btw and I never have one so yeah haha! 

The blue color looks very pretty from outside the bottle!

I guess that's all for the IBE 2015, I hope will come to this kind of event again in future and of course, with a good hot boiling spirit to shop haha! 

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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