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BOTANICS By Mentholatum Is Now Exclusively At Guardian Malaysia


Hey everyone! *pukkyuu* >3<

Who doesn't love nature from the earth? Be it their ever refreshing scents and goodness, yes all of them! I always have a thing for flowers and herbs particularly for their engaging aromas! This time Mentholatum has pulled me into their new developed facial care series called BOTANICS!

Naming this new skin care series "BOTANICS" bear the awareness in people's minds about this brand being natural & plant-related! And exactly that's where they were first came from! Inspired by the goodness of nature and uses only the finest and the highest quality of flowers and herbs essences to deliver you the best experience ever produced by a nature. Those herbs and flowers were also carefully curated based on their merits to assure the exceptional quality and results. BOTANICS products were subdivided into 4 range of categories.

1. Tube Face Wash (100g RM14.90)

The basic form of facial cleansing product in the world of facial regime always come in a tube first. Definitely for users who prefer a handy tube with a simple squeeze. The diversity given into 4 types and each conquers a different skin concerns and problems.

  • Deep Cleansing Face Wash - contains ylang-ylang and tea tree extract as a main ingredients, as well as white tea and olive tea which helps balance oil, deep cleanses and purifies pores while refreshing your sense on smell with uplifting scent of lemongrass. This face wash also helps preventing blemishes and blackhead occurrence. [Suitable for oily and combination skin types]
  • Hydra Whitening Face Wash - removes impurities and excessive oil without stripping away skin moisture and keep the natural balance of water in skin. It's formulated with arbutin bearberry which brightens up and enhances skin fairness. On top of all their rosey scent truly captured my heart to every bits! [Suitable for all skin types]
  • Hydrating Face Wash - contains calendula and jasmine as a main ingredients, together with aloe vera extract and violet which yields moisturizing properties and it soothes & rejuvenates dry, irritated and sensitive skin while calming your senses with the scent of jasmine. [Suitable for dry and combination skin skin types]
  • Pore Refining Face Wash - contains a mind-relaxing scent of orange flower and deeply cleanses pores to remove all impurities, dirt and oil for a more clean and well refined pores. Formulated with rosemary and witch hazel as the main ingredients added with lentil and green tea which reliable in combating pores-related problems that causing acne. [Suitable for oily and combination skin types]

Last time when I heard "ylang-ylang" I was like huh wth is that and rofl (the name is pretty funny to me imho) until somebody told me what exactly it is so in case if you might never know what the heck ylang-ylang is, it's actually a "Canaga Odorota" in its binomial name or maybe known as "Cananga Tree" (or "Pokok kenangan" in Malay) and it has an ability to normalize sebum secretion when used on skin. Basically when a product uses ylang-ylang as one of the ingredients it means they only use their leaves, not the flower...or tree? (of course not haha!)

2. Pump Face Wash (150ml RM21.90)

Available in only 2 choices howbeit that doesn't mean it fails to serve people with different types of skin concerns. The fact that the product consistency appear runny in the form helps providing hydration to the skin while doing its job. Pump wash is certainly convenient to control the usage amount and more thrift-worthy because one pump is already enough for the entire face, so if you are probably a parsimonious kind of person like me who ain't gonna regularly spend money for face wash restocking in a short span, here. This is for you, period.

  • Deep Clean Face Wash - formulated with ylang-ylang and tea tree extract as the top ingredients for oil control and to tackle blemishes followed with aloe vera and cucumber which also aid in soothing and moisturizing while the main ingredients are doing the job. The relaxing scent of lemongrass always invigorates your mood. [Suitable for oily and combination skin types]
  • Moisturizing and Brightening Face Wash - contains vitamin c derived from rosehip oil and pearl extract which helps brighten up and grant the skin luminosity. Such a foam with a redolent of flower that is hard to resist indeed. [Suitable for all skin types]

3. Foam Face Wash (160ml RM25.90)

The bottle of foam face wash is even taller and bigger than the pump face wash. They also comes in two colors just like pump face wash. I like its bottle because it has an automatic lock, so whenever it's not in use you can just twist its head clockwise and fret not about the foam accidentally pumped out while bringing it in your bag or suitcase when you go travelling. The texture is all foamy and no lathering with water is ever needed to create the bubbles.

  • Oil & Blemish Control Foam Wash - main ingredients are ylang-ylang and tea tree extracts as well as wild pansy which work effectively against blemishes and it has a scent of lemongrass. [Suitable for oily and combination skin types]
  • Whitening Foam Wash - has a rich scent of rose and contains aloe extract & narcissus which simultaneously work as a moisturizing properties and brightens the skin. [Suitable for all skin types]

4. Sheet Mask (22ml/pouch RM6.90)

During the launching they were only sold at RM5.86 each *now regret I did't grab some during the event*

Infused with herbal essences as well as enriched with HA to fix and nourish the skin while you chilling with the mask on for 10-15 minutes. Comes in 5 variants and of course they were made into 5 with a reason, each helps giving a quick boost and treat a different skin concerns.

  • Aloe Vera Hydrating & Brightening Facial Mask - contains aloe vera and narcissus that revives tired & dull-looking skin by providing a hydration and soothe the skin. [Suitable for all skin types especially dry skin]
  • Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant & Hydrating Facial Mask - blended with pomegranate and other natural herbal extracts which protects the skin from radical damage that causes skin aging and moisturizes it. [Suitable for all skin types]
  • Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask - contains rosemary, witch hazel and vitamin B3 that helps diminish the appearance of enlarged pores for a more refined, soft and smooth skin texture while retaining moisture for firmer skin and protect it against environmental damage. [Suitable for all skin types especially oily and combination skin]
  • Rosehip Oil Brightening & Firming Facial Mask - formulated with vitamin B3 together with rosehip oil which is undeniably rich in vitamin C to help brightens and improve skin luminosity as well as protecting it against damaging environment. [Suitable for all skin types] 
  • Lavender Soothing & Repairing Facial Mask - blended with levender and chamomile that calms and reawaken the skin, it helps soothe, repair and pamper the skin while protecting it against environmental damage as well. [Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin]

 As one of the invited bloggers I was given a chance to make my own flower tea at the event. These are all the dried flowers and herbs for us to choose and mix to create our own flower tea. Don't mix up too much or else the taste will end up weird or too fragrant lol

 Super interesting rite!! Somehow these look adorable too me haha

The mug given are super cute as well, I had mine with some dried roses, apple flowers, lavenders, jasmines, rosemaries and lime. I'm pretty sucks at mixing things to produce a good taste and aroma but fortunately mine turned out not that bad lar...smelled nice and the taste was quite invigorating! Loved it!


 Thanks BOTANICS for the generosity to let me try all of these! 

I'm not being biased just because I love pink and roses so much (lol) but the pink range somehow gets me for their scents! I'm such a sucker for delicious and wonderful scents and everything that have a good smells will win me immediately. That's number one. The following is its big and squishy bubble foam made once we lather it up with water. Big and fine bubbles always helps loosing the dirt in pores effectively. I've been using this for the whole week in the morning (sometimes I opt it with the pump wash) and my skin felt bouncy, brighter and fresh ever. Who says affordable things aren't competent?

The rose scent is really a head over heels kyaaaa!! The product goes out runny once pumped out from the bottle but once you lather it up with water it will turns into a light foam and this cleanses pretty well! Compared to the tube one that I'm using this feels a lot more hydrating for some reason but of course I just love both! You really should try these fellas!

One of the best and fast selling kind of face wash in Japan is the foam type and I won't deny that it's cut time fast and easy to be used. My skin condition has always been dry and flaky hence I find that this Oil & Blemish Control Foam Wash is not really for me. I prefer not to use this in the morning where my skin has already dry as it is so I use this at night after returning home with a full face makeup. Whenever I wear makeup my skin will at least feels a bit oilier especially if I had it on my face all day long thus when I use this foam wash after wiping off my makeup it'll just rightly balancing my skin oil back to normal. If I use this in the morning or when I'm not wearing any makeup it will strip away all of the moisture from my skin! (nooo~~). Something to really compliment is its ever mind-relaxing lemongrass scent.

I'm not gonna lie but this mask is surprisingly good! I can quickly notice the changes after chilling with the mask on for 15 minutes! I never really had a problem with my pores but after using this I can definitely tell that my skin texture is a lot more smoother and the pores is well refined like seriously. The result reminds me of B.liv Absolute Matte Mask which is quite akin but products from B.liv are much pricier. Look at the photo below if you don't believe me!

It made my complexion looks matte, even so it moisturized my skin just good and omgggg how can I not heart this! 
Will grab some more of them later for my weekend skin pampering session! 

Photo by my kawaii gf

With my super young-looking and sprightful buddy at the event.

Kindly visit Mentholatum to know more about them. I'm pretty sure that most of you out there are more than just familiar with Mentholatum, you guys probably are also using some of the brands by them all of this time like Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo (ohh this is my fave hands up who's with me!) Selsun, Sunplay (again hands up!!) Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rub and currently BOTANICS as well!

With the affordable prices, finest botanical ingredients, these are already an enough reasons of why you should consider them, go find them and give yourself a try. They're now officially and exclusively at only Guardian Malaysia nationwide!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


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