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Japanese High School Girl Bags [ 女子のハイスクールバッグ ]


Pyon pyon minna!

Going to school aren't everyone's favorite thingy rite? I know haha me too when I was there before. Not going to criticize our Malaysian school life or what but lo, accept it that going to and being a high school student in Japan is rather cool, at least that's what I think. Be it their gakkou seifuku, kawaii bento box (of course the one that joshi always bring!), school bag and etc which pretty much makes their school life more fun and enthusiastic!

1. Japanese Leather High School Bag

(well of course the leather is not real lol)

2. Japanese Canvas High School Bag

This bag really resembles the one that Honoka from LL bring to school, that's why I bought it apart the straps are baby pink in color!

Regret of not buying these during my secondary school life otherwise I would had been looking very cool bringing this kinda bags to school everyday (I was very nerdy in my school life as far as I can remember lol!!) Now that I am already 21 years old I cannot rock these bags to school anymore, I've graduated from secondary school since 4 years ago but wait. Who says I cannot use them for street fashion look, or while going out? Tehepero!

Unbeknownst to me if in Japan people use these sort of bags only purposely to high school, but to me from the look of these bags I think they would just be acceptable to be used for any other appropriate occasions like going to college, university or even on daily basis as well (well if your heart is not too old for that, think I'm not lol)

Thing I hyped the most about these Japanese high school bags is they have a lot of disparate compartments and pockets inside which you would never come across in most of the school bags you can find in our country! There are a pockets for a tumbler, smartphone, ball pens and etc! Isn't this too cool for school? lol sounds like a familiar Korean cosmetic brand out of the blue! They might look a bit bulky to you, but I just can't stop loving the bulky bags because you can stuff a lot of things inside them (very helpful peculiarly to joshi because we always bring a lot of stuff, even to school and what not lol!) - and that's why Japanese girls also love to carry a bulky bag.

Front compartment : 

Main compartment : 

I've never seen a bag with a tumbler pocket attached inside so far. What's more it's sewn with a spongy and waterproof aluminium-like material that prevents the water from seeping into anywhere inside the bag. This means that if you bring a cold tumbler/drinking bottle it is totally safe and does not get your notes or any paper you bring wet, hurrah!

Let's take a look at the second high school bag I bought!

 I take this as a free gift from the seller hehe, ありがとうございました!
Btw, do you know who is the character in that button? it's that guy from Kuroko no Basuke, Atsushi Murasakibara in chibi ver.

 The tumbler pocket for this one is relatively different than the former one, in the way it's sewn and attached to the side of main compartment and I think I love this one better haha!

Both compartments of this bag are also identical to the leather one but this one doesn't have the pocket for a smartphone.

 Also included with 2 extra keychain holders (for a keychain junkie who love to hang a tonnes of charms and keychains lel)

Their kakkoi-ness and kawaiism aren't excluded this guy, mite! even their zipper pulls are very cute to me!
These bags are from Sweet Candy brand, and is what the name carved on the zipper pull explains.

I've been eyeing on these high school bags for so long before really decided to buy them. I bought them from Michiyo Online Shoppu on Facebook, and obviously this shop sell a lot of any other interesting anime & Japanese merchandises too! Do take a look around on their page if you're also into these kinda things like me!

Bought them around a month ago, the leather one was RM75 and the canvas one was RM60 plus RM26 shipping fee. Actually I find that they're quite pricey (just for a school bag) but what to do rite to find these bags here is almost impossible so I had to buy from them (and it's a pre-order from Japan which took 2 weeks of anticipation) That explain much their prices and shipping fee as well.

Been thinking to use them as part of my cosplan too later, these will be great to be put on the characters with gakkou seifuku hehe...jaa ne! *ぐで~ ぐで~* - suddenly gudetama lol!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. I love the ichigo daifuku!! super adorable babe <3
    Shipped directly from Japan eh? Kinda regret not buying when i saw the exact same one at don quijote, price also almost the same after conversion.

    1. OMG Arisa, Don Quijote??? I will buy if I were you! (unless if I'm broke at that time lol) After all they were imported from Japan too and I think getting them in Japan directly is much cheaper (even a bit but why not lol!)

      Thanks =) I got that ichigo daifuku from Komonoya, they have a lot of kawaii charms like sushi and etc!

  2. sugoiii! this is soo good :D
    i love the leather one. maybe gonna get the bag soon. :)

    1. Deshou! ^^
      You really should get them soon, they are awesome! ^^

    2. Where can i get this bag. Please

  3. WoW looks like a very useful bag, and great review indeed, even though I am not a girl and also not in school, I want to get one of those!!

    My Review Site

    1. Thanks! You should, somehow they look so fashionable too, especially for Harajuku fashion! ^^

  4. Where did you buy this? Linkies pls :) arigato!

    1. Hi, I've mentioned above, pls read it. Thanks.

  5. Hello, i looked the store's page, which one is the black bag?

  6. did it came with the shoulder strap??

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