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KOS‎É SEKKISEI : Forever Radiant, Forever You


Hello fellow Cinderellas!

Cinderella?? well because you decided to read this, it means that you're ready to toss away your dream on being a Cinderella with a fair skin, because the real Cinderella is actually lies within you!

First all all let me shout out my huge gratitude to KOSÉ because they sent me this giant and lovely box containing KOSÉ SEKKISEI trial kit and an overflowing numbers of pink and white balloons! I was swooning over the beautiful and kawaii presented surprise the moment I opened it! Thank you so much KOSÉ for being so romantic, if only I have a boyfriend this romantic wtf hahaha! #foreveralonesobss *slap self////*

Aside, I've uploaded an unboxing video on both my Instagram and FB, bet you guys already seen that so I don't think I'll put it here again (plus the video was filmed unplanned and unready so it seems kinda pathetic lel) anyway this is how it looks like inside :

Oh goshhh hold me breathh! *swoon~~*

Isn't this toooo lovely to comprehend? *swoon again~~*

The trial kit that was sent out to us bloggers comes in 2 designs, Kimono Setsuko and City Chick Setsuko. Yeah I know, who the hell is Setsuko rite? Setsuko is actually a cartoon icon owned by this brand, a fun loving and bubbly character which is loved by Japanese SEKKISEI fans. Her name means "Little Snow" in Japanese and this is what the brand's pointing up, to bring a snow-white skin to women all around!

As you can see I got the Kimono Setsuko and I'm so darn love it! She's so cute isn't she! Plus I love Kimono and Sakura because it's a mirror of a pure Japanese culture, so KOSÉ made a right decision of sending me the trial kit in this design, it's literally win me all over!

1. Kimono Setsuko Trial Kit

2. City Chick Setsuko Trial Kit

It's been for over 30 years that KOSÉ SEKKISEI bestowing translucency to women's skin. To be well established in such long period and still held strong up to this point, there's no way that KOSÉ SEKKISEI's effectiveness is a joke. The strongest commitment of this brand is to give a bright, translucent and glowing skin. This brand harness the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different plants, a trio of oriental plants included Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica creates a harmonious and skin-loving formula that gives women brighter, even-toned and moisturized skin.  

This year KOSÉ SEKKISEI's paying off your love by releasing a trial set (which is a steal for only RM99 - of course GST included!) that consists of their top raved about star products which includes the following :

  • Exclusive Setsuko pouch (Kimono | City Chic)
  • Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (20ml)
  • Sekkisei Lotion (100ml)
  • Sekkisei Emulsion (70ml)
  • Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask (10ml)
  • Included with 3pcs of Bihadagoyomi Mask

Exactly like this

I spent the whole night owl-ing just to make this cute and slacker-friendly "How To" pictorial on SEKKISEI products that came in the trial kit for a quick brief, just in case if you hate scrolling down on some boring plain words this might catch your eyes and a bit entertaining I guess? So please don't make this effort of mine go waste and scroll down to have a good view on them.


1. SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml, RM131.40)

Formulated with Taurine which makes an efficient and delicate cleansing agents that leaves skin clean and well hydrated, together with Rubus Suavissmus Extract which enhances skin dullness and soothes UV damage. The consistency is super runny and liquidy, yet it forms a fine foam that cleanses pores thoroughly. I personally love its subtle and baby products-like scent. Reminds me of Johnson Baby Powder for some reason lol! It doesn't strip away the moisture, so as much as retaining it. Their packaging are also one of the most classiest one I've ever seen, truly fell for their glass-like blue bottle with a white kanji writting "雪肌精" and it's romanization "SEKKISEI" on each of them which carry the meaning of "Bright & Translucent" in Japanese. 

2. SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml, RM180.20 | 360ml, RM275.60) 

SEKKISEI Lotion can either be used as a mask or toner. If you're using it as a toner, just pour an adequate amount on cotton pad and pat all over face avoiding eye area. Frankly I love to use it as a mask because it gives a 10x better hydration. This is one of the SEKKISEI bestseller and that awards it as a Star Product! The star ingredients are extracts of Chinese Pearl Barley, Melothria Heterophylla, Angelica and Licorice as well as Germ Oil and Vitamin E acetate. This lotion balance out skin's moisture level, prevent dullness and soothes away redness and skin discomfort.

KOS‎É Beauty Tips : Pour the lotion in the cap to the fullest level, and drop the tablet into it. Let it absorb the lotion and puffs up and place it on the face between 5-10 minutes for a 10x quick hydration boost.

Extra Note : It carries alcohol content, not sure about you guys but tbh I don't fancy much its alcoholic scent when I use it on my skin, tho I love the result so much. Even alcohol has a pros and cons, alcohol is said to be drying out and damaging the skin cells (based on their concentration) albeit it's an actually a reliable agent to kill acne and bacteria forming in your skin. I did not find that this stripping away my skin moisture although I'm a dry skin typed, in fact it's very moisturizing and made my skin look brighter especially when I use it as a mask (boggles my mind on how did they do that while containing alcohol). Looking at its status as a Star Product and its stellar performance, I will overlook its alcohol content and carry on. After all this is not the only product I've used that contains alcohol, we've plenty of them including in some of our makeups and etc. Up to your preferences but I'm ok with it as long as it doesn't treat my skin harsh, so yeah I'll just love it for what it did on my skin!

3. SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml, RM191.80)

This moisturizer delves quickly and deep into the skin preventing freckles, dark spots and dryness. Contains Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica to bless you with a more translucent complexion. Pump 1-2 drops on a cotton pad and sweep over skin. Initially, I used it in a wrong way (lol shame on me), I pumped it onto my palm and tapped all over my face because the emulsion looks milky in texture and I thought that it's not suitable to be applied using cotton pad but this is not the accurate way that SEKKISEI designed for this emulsion. You need to apply it on your skin using a cotton pad, which gives far better absorption to the skin. 

Extra Note : Contains alcohol as well however the scent is a little bit subtle and mild compared to SEKKISEI Lotion. It moisturizes my skin very well. Hence, though it contains alcohol it's not really a pull back for me and again I'll leave it up to your preferences whether to go for it or not but I'm ok with this, it does not dry out my skin, makes my complexion looks dewy and brighter and I love it for that.

4. SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g, RM94.30)

One of the gentlest peel-off mask I ever tried, it removes dullness and dead skin cells, along with the blackheads! Surprisingly it even brightened up my skin at the same time! The ingredients are Chinese Quince extract that works by inhibits sebum production and control excessive oil, while a blend of oriental plant extracts deliver supreme whitening benefits. Specially formulated with Nano-sized black powder to allow the mask to spread effortlessly. I love scent and the feeling of its cooling sensation once applied on skin. I don't use it for my entire face though, only on my T-zone area where is the most stubborn area with more sebum secretion (saving the amount because this trial tube is really tiny so I need to at least make it worth for several applications). It's sticky but It'll become stretchy once it dries up and that's a time to peel it off and look at how much blackheads it can catch!

I've tried KOSÉ SEKKISEI before like 2 years back, and never restocked after they were all finished. More and more new and multitude skincare brands raining down our market and that eventually made me forget about KOSÉ with a pile of other brands to try in my hands. I'm glad KOSÉ sent me this trial kit. Bringing back the memories I had with them and the fact that they are one of my favorite Japanese skincare brands. It's been only two weeks, yet my complexion is even more brighter than before (I did't really notice it but my hairdresser told me so yeah) - Take note that it does not "whiten" but only "brighten" up complexion by diminishing dark spots & pigmentation and gives a translucency to your skin. Get your hands on this cute trial kit packed with 4 most loved SEKKISEI products, together with 3pcs of Bihadagoyomi Mask as a complimentary at KOSÉ counters with only RM99! Exclusively in 2 designs (Kimono Setsuko & City Chick Setsuko) to choose from.

If you ask me to pick between an "ikemen" (good-looking) boyfriend or this KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion, I'll choose KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion first harharhar! (wtf lol)!

Kindly visit them for more :


"Forget about your dream on being a Cinderella, Because you can be the one with KOSÉ"

Forever Radiant, Forever You - By KOSÉ

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-


  1. Ur infographic is so damn nice babe! Great job!


    1. Awww thanks Nicole, this means a lot to me! :)

  2. Loving this skincare brand very much and love how you put so much effort into the info graphic! :D
    Have you tried their BB cream yet? Heard it's good and lightweight, suitable for simple coverage.

    1. I haven't try the BB crean yet but it's in my wish list! :-)

      Thanks Arisa :-) , it lifted my spirit up to do more info graphic like this in future! <3

  3. nice photo.. nice skin type u have.. so jealous..
    btw, keep posting the beauty item.. really like it!
    singgah sini.. jemput follow blog sy ye..

    1. Thanks Zeera =)
      sorry late reply, was busy with life and dah lama dah x blogging, will visit your blog soon! ^^


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