Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hey my buttermilk scones! 

Did you guys went to that Klang Parade Cosplay Party 2016? if you did how was it? Honestly I enjoyed the whole event a lot coz this was my first time watching a cosplay competition this close and live, I really admired those cosplayer's efforts, creativity and courage to stand on the stage and feed our Sunday at Klang Parade with their best shows!

Technically, Cosplay Party 2016 was compiled together with A Frozen Wonderland, held at the LG floor of Klang Parade and happened for 2 days, I only came on the second day which was the last day for the event, on Sunday.

Event: A Frozen Wonderland + Cosplay Party 2016
Date: 4 December 2016
Time: 11:00am

Pretty judges, Reina, Suannie and Venus doing their works.
Even from a side view they still looked amazing, oh *swoon~

Before coming up with their skits and performances, the 27 participants were called out one by one to walk on the stage first for the character portrayal and that is necessary for the winner's criteria. I was too enjoying their walks and shows so I did't get to capture more pictures but these are some that I managed to take, and sorry if some of them are blurry, too bright or too dimmed. It was because of the ever changing lighting of the stage area (wonderland~ LOL)

 I really like the way he portrayed his cosplay character, so fierce!

 I'm uncertain of her character but I heard they called her "Facebook girl" lol

 Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso! 

 Kaito Senbonzakura

 Chun Li from Street Fighter

 I'm not a fan of Pokemon but this Moon was so energetic 
and she herself looked really identical to the series' character!

 Mermaid Melody! She looked shooo cute and her voice too!

 Deadpool lol! He was so hilarious, as expected from Deadpool!

 This one was Kamen Rider

 Hahahaha, Kougoro Mouri, I seriously can't stand his Kougoro's laugh, sounded legit I kid not LOL
He did so well too for the character! Congrats for winning the first place!

 She's my buddy, did so well eventho this was her first time!
Good job Ayame sama!

 I really like this guy, Jinyi. Throw him both female or male character, 
he can pull them off well still no matter what! His enthusiasm is something to be inspired!

 Aya...I love her elaborated costume!

 France from Hetalia!

 I don't really watch Fairy Tail, but she's definitely one brave and daring girl. This is Uru from Fairy Tail!

Kiritoooo~ and the cosplayer is kind and nice too. He's my friend Andy lol 

Lol Franky from One Piece (MY FAVE SERIES), no nipple lights from Franky but he's still awesome haha

Some participants performing on stage, some did singing, some did dancing and also skit. 
Regardless, they were all so creative and energetic!

Most of the cosplayers who joined the competition and performed are my friends and I was really looking forward and happy to see them on the stage, they looked so energetic and so into it. I burst out loud too at the skit by Aizaki (Kougoro Mouri), that was definitely the most interesting and amusing performance and no wonder he won the first place. Following are the winners for Klang Parade Cosplay Party 2016 and congrats to everyone!

Photo courtesy of Wendy

Champion - Mohd Aizat Safwan (Kougoro Mouri)
1st Runner-up - Micho The (Moon)
2nd Runner-up - Ice Qilin (Uru)

Tam Kong Leng (Sora)
Chris Foo (DeadPool)
Zomic (Lau)
Mohd Nurul Amin (Charles Henry Sanson)
Catherine Juu-oon (Hanon Hosho)

This is the first large scale Christmas event at Klang Parade, with a chosen theme of Frozen Wonderland this year in hopes of evoking a fairy-tale-esque setting. This is also the first time Klang Parade brought in a sliding rink into the mall for the chlidren, and expecting it to be a real hit with them since this is a completely new attraction brought into the mall. Meanwhile, Cosplay Party was brought back due to popular demand. The previous cosplay party attracted a large volume of participants donned in fantastic costumes and it brought happiness to people who visited the mall too, taking photos around with the awesome and friendly cosplayers.

As Christmas is a time of giving, some very special guests were invited with the good intention for the community in the morning prior to Cosplay Party :

Ms. Yap Su-Yin, CEO of Tan Chin Tuan Foundation
Dato Richard Ong, Council Member of Tan Sri Tan Foundation
June Lim, Malaysian Country Head for ARA Asset Management Limited
Mr Yazman Yuhana, Communications & Fundraising Manager from Yayasan Chow Kit
Madam Julia from The Pure Life Society

Photo courtesy of Wendy

They gave some speeches before handing a donation of a big amount to both Yayasan Chow Kit and Pure Life Society. These communities are here for the kids and orphans who are in need. Yayasan Chow Kit and The Pure Life Society are both recipients of a RM10,000 donation by the Tan Sri Tan Foundation, who is working closely with ARA Asset Management Limited (the owners of this mall) to spread more Christmas cheer to those in need.

On the other hand, I met some new friends too! xD

 With my youthful blogger fellows, (from left) May, Jacqueline, and Wendy. Nice meeting you guys and I did't know May is a cosplayer too LOL, see you later on CF again May! ^^

We missed each other countless times on cons haha and finally I met her last Sunday! 

  Happiest guy of the day LOL, coz he got to see his Nozomi after hunting for LL cosplayers since he arrived. Unfortunately I've stopped my LL cosplay. He's also a blogger and a youtuber.
Check out his YT channel here if you like! ^^

Thanks for keeping my stuff lol, and thanks for the Zen bookmark!

>////< Reina! I started to like her after I saw her Freyja cosplay from ALO (SAO)!
And she looked exactly like her cosplay photos! - I'm a shit next to her lol (mind not the photobomber behind)

Thank you so much for inviting me as part of the media, despite of having some pressure of my current final weeks of my studies (coz it's almost the end of my semester so it's normal), I got to enjoy a lil bit and my last Sunday was definitely a productive one (LOL).

Should you want to check out for more details or event photos you can go to the event and organizer's pages below. Sore jaa! ^____^

Organizer Page : Klang Parade
Instagram : @myklangparade

Talk to you guys again on my next post!


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Harleww my butter croissants! :3

Again, a back from the dead post lol! Nah just kidding, as always I'm always consumed by my student life now so I can't be as active as before on this blog but I'll still write sometimes okayy ><

If you'd like to get a quick update from me just go and follow my IG, I'm always there and any updates are faster to be spread on my Instagram. Ah ya, those aside, I've come back bringing fun news for all of you who are into ACG, and as most of you already know or notice, I do cosplay as a hobby now coz it's fun, I get to express myself in so many ways depending on the character that I carry.

This weekend, Klang Parade Cosplay Party 2016 will bring you guys to plunge into another ACG experience. I know some of you must already heard the hype but there you go the event's details!

Event: Cosplay Party 2016
Venue: Klang Parade, Klang, Selangor
Date: December 3rd & 4th 2016 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 2pm-7pm (Dec 3rd) & 11am-7pm (Dec 4th)

Hold your scream first because I still have things to tell, for those who are interested to join a cosplay competition, you better sign up now coz look, the prizes are like catching a big "ong" in the lake which worth RM3500 to grab (both cash & prizes!). Of course if you did't win, an experience itself still worth much more than the prizes.

Cash & Prizes:
Champion: RM 2000
1st Runner-Up RM1000
2nd Runner-Up RM500 
Consolation: RM 100 x 5 prizes

Note: 50% cash prize, 50% sponsored prizes

All cash prizes are lump sums so okay you may scream now

For rules and regulations, you guys can raid their page for the deets. What's more, the judges will be Suannie Ng & Venus Lim!! I heard Reina will be there too! //squeals internally!

Cosplay+Klang+Parade+3.jpg (640×640)

Registration for the vendors and competition is still open so wait no more and sign up now!
Do click these links to sign up! They are still recruiting the participants for both vendor booth and competition, for such a large scale activities it's a miss if you pass!

I'll be there too on the second day (Dec 4th)! :-D I'll probably just come and roam around in my costume. Not sure what to cosplay yet but do follow my Instagram, I'll update what I've decided to cosplay later okay and if you happen to bump into me just don't be shy to say hello, and let's selfie lol! Ah if you wanna get the location of this event you can have it from the event page, just tap on the location from your mobile and open it on the google maps, sore jaa! ^^

For more details you can kindly check out the event page and Klang Parade's page.

Organizer Page : Klang Parade
Instagram : @myklangparade

Talk to you guys again on my next post!


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