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Althea : Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Gel



I've tried this one peeling gel from another Korean beauty brand called Onsaemeein, got it from Althea like few weeks back but I only have time to complete this post now. I think I have enough posts on this blog that talked about Althea, the holy website that sells K-beauty products you ever need from head to toe with a bargain prices. Like few months back, they have launched their app on google playstore too to make your purchase more convenient and easier. If you're following me on Instagram I guess you've seen my shout out post for that in the while back.

Plus to some people who have no idea what to buy, you can have Althea's Beauty Boxes too where they include your products of preference with their highly variable boxes ranging from as low as RM90 that comes with around 5-6 products inside, now talk about mega bargain lol. Alright time to read about what I like about this peeling gel here. Most peeling gels does not come as affordable and it's really important to have one peeling gel at home girls, trust me it makes a lot of difference to your skin. Now keep on reading.

First of all I like how it was packaged. Look at it, doesn't it looks like a real yogurt. If you have small kids don't put this around or they might grab it thinking this is a food lol
The scent is very inviting and delectable too. As you can see it comes with a small spoon for scooping too, really handy.

Open up, and this is how it looks like inside. A jar full of yogurt peeling gel, the gel is translucent white in the form, half solid (not runny at all), does not have any beads and again I really lost to its scent lol!

The chronology of how this peeling gel works.

From right : 

  1. I scooped out a fair amount of the peeling gel onto the back of my hand. 
  2. Rub it until the gel gradually evolves to watery consistency and then there will be tiny white lumps appeared as you keep rubbing gently (those convinced to be dead skins which was peeled off during the rubbing with the aid of active ingredients from this gel)
  3. A clean rinsed off skin of the back of my hand after the peeling. I can honestly say it felt so good, like a new skin has just reborn lol (mind not a little bit flush, my skin easily turn red whenever I did peeling, that's really normal)

I am an avid user of peeling gels, I normally use my peeling gel from Cure, it's Natural Aqua Peeling Gel that comes in tall bottle with pump (you can find this in Sasa). Using a peeling gel at least twice a week is really encouraged as it can removes your dead skin and assist a lot in your skin renewal, this prevents you from having a dry, flaky and premature aging skin. 

This yogurt peeling gel contains Microcrystalline cellulose as an anti-caking and scrub agent, Goat milk extract to moisturize and condition the skin, Chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract to improve the skin tone and protect the skin, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root extract which works as natural preservative, Papaya extract as another safe peeling agent that condition the skin at the same time and Yogurt extract to enhance the elasticity of the skin.

The difference of this peeling gel with the one from Cure brand (Japanese) is this works a lot more faster than the latter, as Cure's needs the gel to settle on the skin for a while until it evolves to water and only then you can start rubbing. For this Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Gel, you can just slap it on and start rubbing and the visible dead skin will comes off immediately, it's very time saving. I still like the one from Cure because they are super gentle but this Yogurt Peeling Gel is the second fave of mine too, especially if I'm lack of time to wait. 

It's gentle enough too even for the dry skin type like mine. I have like 2 bottles of Cure's Natural Aqua Peeling Gels at the moment, and this one so that's make it 3. If you ask me will I buy it again, of course I will because the price is really affordable compared to Cure's, drop your jaw now coz it's only less than RM30!! Here where you can buy it. If you're travelling this is travel-wise to bring around as the size is fairly compact. 

If you have some free time let's take your time scrolling down through Althea's website, the prices are huge deals, even if you're a student it won't bites you too much as most of the beauty products there are drop dead affordable and there's an array of them you can choose from, everything you need from head to toe is a one stop to find there!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!



  1. I'm also using Cure Peeling Gel, lucky win from RollwithCarol's giveaway. Been using it and yes, peeling should be twice a week, I do mine once a week though with a once a week brown sugar scrub. Too bad I'm on a shopping ban now, if not might go browsing Althea and Ahem buy something. Lol. Their trendy boxes and Althea boxes are so tempting lah. T.T

    1. You should try this one then! True that, I sometimes thinking of shopping from them just to collect their fancy boxes, lol!


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