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Hey peeps!

I’ve been missing out again from this blog lol, currently I’m doing my internship (in a fashion company) and to be really really honest there are so many things going on in my life at the moment and I could not get my hands enough to handle them. Life is good regardless, it’s tiring and I’m super busy but it’s very worth it.

I’m coming back here again to share about few unique things you can do in Bangkok, as I rmb there was a friend who asked me about Bangkok before, not that I’ve ever went to Bangkok but I think this is a great quick checklist for my own self too so I’ll put these up on here as a personal reminder perhaps, the next time I’m going to Bangkok I’ll head on here again to check out the list of things to do.

Bangkok is one of the most exciting and fascinating cities to pay a visit, stand as a capital in Thailand and is undoubtedly one of the most heavily congested cities in the world on daily’s average provided the inhabitants are as many as 8 million, from the most poor to the extremely wealthy all comes in one city, you will definitely catch a glimpse on every of its life scene. On the brighter side, being all bustled and hustled means this city is among the greatest hive for all the activities around the clock in various professions and interests. I have been to Thailand, Hatyai many years back, but I wonder too what’s especially intriguing visiting Bangkok in a lot of tourists.

Here’s the top 5 unique things you can do in Bangkok

1. Visit the majestic Buddhist temples

Wat Arun | From Flickr by Bugphai

Temples, or extensively called as Wat (originated from Sanskrit) in Thailand is a sacred place for both Buddhism and Hindu, and called the same in Cambodia and Laos too. It is such a waste to come to Thailand without discovering its majestic and spell-binding Wat. There are actually a lot of Temples with similar but distinctive architectures in Bangkok. Mainly recognized to be tall and gigantic, built with golden roofs or sometimes with green or blue mosaic walls. There are few of famous temples you can visit but I like Wat Arun the most. The overall view in every angles of it is like a legendary copy from the myth.

2. Bangkok canal tour

Floating Market | From Flickr by Ninara

Just like few meters away from where the temples are located, there is a canal of blood vessel of surrounding area around floating market. Don’t let go of the experience to hop on a long tailed boat for a tour around, the boat goes by the Wat Arun en route into a narrow canal, passing by to another temple and areas where you can stop and fish-feed which is really interesting. Floating market’s uniqueness is inclusive of the experience where you can buy the things from the ladies that sell them on their boats, all sorts of items from foods to souvenirs. Once you hopped on the boat, unfortunately you can’t disembark at your wish until the route is end. Enjoy yourself an air away of the crowded and crawling city. Extra note, beware of a scammer, if you meet people who are too friendly to offer a help be firm to decline, some of these scammers mark up the charges of few things like say, services in which you could get cheaper.

3. Give it a go for Bangkok’s motorcycle taxi

Motorcycle Taxi | From Flickr by Seua Yai

Nice to stroll around the city on foot but sometimes it can get so exhausting especially under the scorching hot sun, and it’s like a halt if the place you’re going too is unreachable by foot in the short time. Being one the traffic jam capitals in world, I compliment on the idea of offering motorcycle taxis as a service, where it is feasible to reach your destination without being stucked for hours in the standstill traffic. You should not overlook this precious experience.

4. Visiting Jim Thompson house

Jim Thompson House | From Flickr by Shankar S.

Who is Jim Thompson if you may ask? He was an American architect turned silk entrepreneur who had enthralled with this nation and contributed a lot in bringing back to splendor the art of silk and its production in Thailand. His love for this country is obvious that he even erected his house, decorated with the elements of Thai cultures and traditions, it’s a sad thing to learn that he disappeared mysteriously during his visit to Malaysia in 1967, and his house remains in Bangkok, if you’re visiting make sure to arrive a bit in advance to sign up for the guided tour which costs around less than 150 baht, including the entrance fee. The tour is available in Eng. and French. The guides will take you around the house and provides you a good and related explanation about it. Be mindful that photo inside is prohibited, but the garden.

4. Join Songkran’s water fight

Water Battle at Songkran | From Flickr by The Travelling Teacher

Fall on 13th to 15th of April annually, Songkran is the Thai New Year festival and celebrated merrily with getting wet everywhere. Due to its main religion, Buddhism, it is believed that by sprinkling water you will be cleansed from your sins and all the bad luck will be washed away. In today’s following tradition, the activity has turned into a huge crowd of full on water battle and almost the whole country celebrates it. One of the best things not to miss especially if you are visiting on April, water party is like one of a kind and I’d love to take part in that too, don’t forget to bring a change though and girls, do avoid white lol!

To be honest, Bangkok has a lot more to offer than listed but these are the picked ones, things I find interesting and unique and is not available elsewhere other than Bangkok if you want the experience. I hope this short list will be helpful to those who had zero idea of what to do in Bangkok, or perhaps if you’re interested to savor the taste of Bangkok’s life, you can actually check out the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. You can go and visit Traveloka Malaysia too for more interesting things about Bangkok, and to be fair not only Bangkok but interesting places all around! Till then!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!


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