1. Please do not address me "bloggers/blogger/beauty blogger" or etc. I will never reply to an email with the wrong addressee name or without and will take that as a spam. If you are interested to contact or collaborate with me please address me by my name (Pinku/Jiajia) properly so that I know it is not a scam.
  2. I am the only editor on this blog and all the copyrights belongs to me unless stated.


  1. All content displayed and provided here is for informational purposes only.
  2. I am not writing for an essay or assignment, I am Malaysian and English is not my tongue language. Please never be a grammar nazi here for some of my grammatical errors.
  3. All the opinions and thoughts written here are entirely my own, sponsored or not it will never affect my stand.
  4. Photos displayed on this blog are all mine unless stated. Please never use it to gain your personal profit and if you would like to use them please credit them back to this blog.
  5. I do accept product gifting to be reviewed on this blog but I do not accept sample sized products and I have the full right to decline if I find the content that I am about to share is neither right/suitable for me and this blog.
  6. Sponsorship will only be accepted based on the agreed terms of both parties.
  7. I will try my best to provide a helpful information from time to time and accuracy on every products featured and reviewed on this blog.
  8. Feel free to share and repost my blog content but please respect the copyright and mention the source back to here.


  1. I will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information and the availability for it, nor the damages, injuries and losses from the use of the displayed and provided information here.
  2. All comments with negativity, nudity, racism, barbarism and spam links will not be approved and will be deleted immediately.

I will try my best to reply every emails received and please find this blog as a platform of informational sharing, have a pleasant time reading!

*This T&C is subject to change at anytime with or without prior notice.

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